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Business Coach | How to Stop Multitasking

While many people believe multitasking is a valuable skill, there business coach would say otherwise. In fact, multitasking is actually the opposite of productivity, and should be avoided.

Despite the fact that many people still put multitasking is a skill on their resume. And many businesses ask for people who are good at multitasking. The science shows that nobody is actually good at multitasking.

In the reason why, is because it causes everyone not only to work slower, getting less accomplished. But also, people who multitask are producing very poor quality work at the same time.

When people are multitasking, there business coach says that they are constantly shifting their focus from one task to another, which will start wasting time, because they need to figure where they left off.

Before they can continue working on the task. And not only does this waste a lot of time. But studies have also shown that people need to work on average twenty-three minutes.

In order to reach their peak productivity level. And so if people are not reaching their peak productivity level, they are not working as efficiently as they can. And in fact, working less efficiently.

Than if they were focusing on one task at a time until it was completed. And then moving onto the next task until it is completed. And then looking through all of the things that need to get accomplished in their day the same way.

In fact, in order to prove how bad multitasking actually is. An entrepreneurs business coach will ask entrepreneurs to consider professions where it is obvious that multitasking is bad.

Thinking of a doctor engaging in life saving surgery of a loved one. And people will not want to consider that this surgeon is multitasking at all. Such as using a headset to take personal or professional phone calls.

While they are performing surgery on a loved one in order to save their life. It starts to make a lot of sense, that people would not want their surgeon to be multitasking at all. Because they will want them to concentrate on the task at hand.

The same thing is true for pilots were flying an airplane. Nobody who is on that airplane would want to consider. That the pilot was responding to emails, taking phone calls, or updating their social media.

While they are supposed to be flying an airplane, where they have hundreds of people’s lives in their hands. So if multitasking is bad for pilots and doctors, why do entrepreneurs think it is good for them?

Therefore, in order to help business owners actually get more accomplished in their day. And to be able to get the tasks that they are working on done to a higher quality.

Business owners need to learn how to avoid multitasking, by time blocking their schedule. And eliminating distractions and interruptions. So that they can get more done each day.

If they need help time blocking, they can always contact their business coach. For helpful tips that will help them work as efficiently as possible.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world have been told by their business coach to stop multitasking. And are in fact, masters of working efficiently, because they know how to avoid interruptions and distractions.

When many people think of successful entrepreneurs. They often think of an image of a business owner who is multitasking. In order to get all of the things that they need accomplished completed.

However, nothing could actually be further from the truth. If people think of truly successful entrepreneurs in real life. Such as Warren Buffett, they will see that multitasking is not what they do.

In fact, when people think of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. They often think of people who are unable to be interrupted, working extremely hard for hours at a time.

In fact, if someone tried to call Warren Buffett, or go see him at his office. They would find that they would be quite unable to interrupt him from his tasks. Because he has systems and processes set up.

To ensure that he is not interrupted. Which will ensure he can get as much accomplished as he possibly can. Although he will find the time to return important phone calls and messages.

This is exactly what small business owners need to do themselves according to their business coach. To ensure that not only can they get everything done that they are planning on getting done in their day.

But that everything that they do work on, will be done to the highest quality, because they are able to work uninterrupted. And because they are working uninterrupted, their brain is working at its peak.

Which means the quality of work that they are going to do is going to be much better. However, even though many business owners have heard that the key to success. It is to avoid multitasking whenever possible.

The truth is, it is much harder to do than many people think. Because often, business owners think that they need to react to every phone call or email that comes in their business. In response to it as it happens.

However, there business coach will say that there is going to always be time that they can return phone calls. And time to respond to emails. But doing it in the moment, is not the most efficient or effective way.

In fact, they often recommend entrepreneurs get their staff to answer all of the phones and emails. And only forwarding the ones that only the business owner can respond to.

Bullish or that business owners only have a few phone calls or emails to return during this part of their day. So that they can continue to work more efficiently and effectively on their strategic priorities.

Which are the tasks that are going to actually help them grow their business. The sooner entrepreneurs can avoid multitasking in their business. They more success they are going to find, and sooner.