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Business Coach | How to Eliminate Multitasking

Even though many people think multitasking will help them become more efficient, there business coach says this is not true. And that multitasking is actually the opposite of productivity.

The reason why, is because when people are multitasking. They are switching their focus from one task to the next. Without truly considering how much concentration it takes them, to focus on something different.

Studies have been done, that shows that an average person. Needs approximately twenty-three minutes of working on a task uninterrupted, in order to be as productive on that task as possible.

Since multitasking ensures people cannot focus that long on any one task. When people multitask, they are not working as productively as they could be. Which means they will get there tasks accomplished much slower.

However, when people multitask, because they are not focusing for that task for any length of time. They are also doing poor quality work. Because they are not focused, and they are not productive.

Therefore, when people multitask. They are doing less work in the same amount of time. In doing poor quality of work than they are capable of. And this is why their business coach will recommend avoiding multitasking at all times.

However, many people often think that while they can agree that multitasking is bad. They are actually exceptions to the rule. And they can multitask effectively in their own business.

This is also something that their business coach will try to get them to recognize. That studies have been done, that show that not only are all people bad at multitasking.

The people that think that they are good at multitasking are actually even worse. Then the average people who are trying to get things done by multitasking. Therefore, the people who think they are good at it.

Should be the first people to stop multitasking. Because they are actually not as efficient at it as they think they are. However, learning how to stop multitasking can be difficult.

The reason why it can be hard to stop multitasking. Is because many business owners are so used to responding to every interruption or distraction. As soon as it comes into their business.

Whether it is a phone call, an email, text message. Or it could be a customer walking into the business, or even an employee who is looking for answers.

It can be very difficult to resist these interruptions. But this is why it is very important to have a time block schedule. So that a business owner can focus on tasks that they need to accomplish.

And when their staff knows that they are working on something that they do not wish to be interrupted. Their staff can ensure that they help facilitate that by taking messages, or saving questions until later.

And the business owner themselves can turn off their cell phone, and stop getting email notifications. Because these also can be distractions that rob them of their productivity.

The sooner business owners can eliminate multitasking from their workplace. The sooner they are going to be able to accomplish their strategic priorities. And be successful in growing their business.

Even though many entrepreneurs believe that the key to their success will be multitasking according to their business coach. This is actually not going to help them get anything done faster.

Not only does it cause people to work slower, because they have to switch tasks, and then remember where they left off. Which is going to be less efficient than just focusing on one task until it is done.

But it also causes business owners to do a poor quality work, because they are not able to focus. And despite the fact that many people think that they can do it efficiently.

They should think of different professions that they would not want to see multitasking in. Such as a surgeon who is performing a lifesaving operation on a loved one.

People would not want to consider that the doctor had headset in, and was making personal or business phone calls. While they were performing surgery in order to save someone’s life.

So if it is a bad idea for one profession, because they need to be focusing on the task at hand. There business coach says that they should apply the same rules to themselves as well.

Even though a business owner might not be saving someone’s life, they should understand how important it is to focus on the task at hand. And then switch when they are done that one task.

They can do this, by creating a time block schedule. Which is setting up blocks of time in the future. Devoted to specific tasks and that need to get accomplished in the business.

Ideally, a time block schedule will include all of the tasks that a business owner needs to get done in a week or a month. And with enough time to complete all of them, so they do not have to switch tasks partway through.

This way, a business owner can ensure that they have enough time in their schedule. In order to accomplish all of the tasks as outlined in their business plan. But it will also allow them to see.

How many hours they are going to need to work in their business each day. In order to bring all of their business plans to fruition. Which can help them understand why they need to start their day at six in the morning.

This time block schedule will also help them stay on task. Because they will know exactly what they are going to work on every hour of every day. And even if they do get sidelined or distracted.

There going to be able to remember very easily but they need to be working on. So that they can get back on track. But having the time block schedule will help minimize distractions as well says their business coach.

Once business owners have learned how to create a time block to schedule. Not only will they be able to stop trying to work on many things at once. But they will also and how to minimize distractions. And be able to accomplish everything in their business that will help them succeed.