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Business Coach | How Successful Entrepreneurs Schedule Time


While many new entrepreneurs think that still have a lot of free time as a business owner says business coach. That is not going to happen immediately. In fact, business owners are going to need to work even harder than ever before. In order to grow their business that will allow them to have free time.

In fact, the recommendation is for business owners to start working twelve hour days, and work six days a week. In order to get all of the necessary tasks done. This is partially because business owners are going to need to get significantly more tasks done. In addition to their billable tasks.

But also because an entrepreneur is going to have no or fewer staff. That will help them accomplish these tasks. And they needs to get used to doing many things for themselves. And because they will have many more things to do. They will not be able to get it done in a traditional five-day work week.

However, some business owners contact their business coach to help them create schedule. Because they do not know exactly what they need to be doing in their business. To fill their time, which is why it is beneficial to create a time block to schedule.

So that they know exactly what they are doing every hour of every day of the week. This way, they will not forget important tasks. And they can ensure that they are putting enough time towards the activities that are going to be able to help them grow their business.

One of the most important things that business owners need to ensure that they schedule into their calendar on a weekly basis. Is the sales and marketing activities that will help them find new customers.

In fact, not marketing their products and services at all. As well as not marketing their products and services well enough. Is number one reason why businesses fail in Canada.

According to industry Canada, 42% of all business owners are not successful. Because they are unable to find customers to buy their products and services. And business owners should understand that this is not because they marketed their business effectively and there is just no customers.

But rather, the problem is business owners either did not market their products and services at all. Or they did not do this effectively or consistently enough to find customers. Which is why it should be something that is in their calendar on a weekly basis.

If business owners do not consistently market their products and services. What they will find is that they will be very busy for one or two weeks. And then they will have a period where they are not busy at all. And that is when business owners will start to market their business again.

But by marketing their business consistently. Their business coach says that they can start evening out the busy periods. So that they are busy consistently. And can plan business growth around that.

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While freedom of time and freedom of money are to popular goals of business ownership according to their business coach. In order to achieve both. Entrepreneurs are going to need to work very hard in their business for the first few years.

In fact, business owners are going to have to work harder than they did as an employee. Because there will be a lot of tasks that they need to work on. From the administrative duties of their business, to the billable tasks of their business.

But also, a business owner needs to do additional tasks. That will help them accomplish the strategic priorities. They outlined in their business plan with their business coach. These are the extra things that will help them meet the goals that they have outlined as important to accomplish in their business.

Some of these additional tasks include time to recruit and train staff. Even if they do not have an immediate opening in their business for new employees. And while some business owners are unclear about why they should look for staff when they are not hiring.

Business coach says this is going to allow them to meet enough candidates. To be able to find the right ones that fit their business. And by proactively looking all the time. Business owners never know when they are going to need to hire someone.

Whether they are experiencing sudden growth in their business. Or one of their existing staff gives notice without warning. Chances are an entrepreneur is going to need someone quickly. And they are not going to want to start looking from scratch.

By being able to call on a pool of qualified candidates. Because they have previously identified these to be a good fit in their business. Means that not only to business owners have to not spend time looking for good candidate. But they will have the best candidate for the business as well.

Entrepreneurs need to understand. That the traditional way of hiring new employees. Is really only functional. If they have their own HR department. They will need to take the time to put out the ad, and wait for resumes to start coming into the business.

And once they get resumes, there business coach says they will then have to start reading them. And not only can this process take a lot of time. But they will also need to try to figure out who the best people to interview are, based on the resume. Where people are commonly known to stretch the truth.

Then, they need to interview each candidate one-on-one. Which also will take a lot of time. And still does not give an entrepreneur clear idea of who is a good fit for the business. Therefore, by spending time to meet candidates on a regular basis.

Business owners will be able to bypass that very time-consuming process, That does not typically result in the best employees anyway. Which is why they should put recruiting staff as a regular activity into their weekly schedule.

By understanding all the tasks that should go into their schedule. Business owners can see why a sixty a week schedule is beneficial. To help them accomplish all of the tasks. That they need to get done in order to grow their business.