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Business Coach | How Many Days of Should Business Owners Work


If entrepreneurs think that they going to be able to grow a business by working the same hours they worked as an employee, business coach says this is not true. And in fact, successful business owners will work longer hours, and more days a week then any employee well. In order to grow their business.

In fact, in order to get all of the tasks accomplished. That will help them achieve their goals. As well as get all of the billable tasks done that will allow them to sell their products and services. A business owner will have to work more than five days a week. And more than eight hours a day.

In order to learn this facts, business owners should sit down with their business coach. In order to set a time block schedule. That will allow an entrepreneur to schedule time in their calendar for all of the activities they need to accomplish in their business.

Not only will they have time set aside for their billable tasks, producing their products. As well as delivering their services to their clients. But they also need to have time set aside for administrative duties. Such as invoicing those clients, and entering information into their accounting software.

They also need to ensure that they have time set aside on a weekly basis for their sales and marketing activities. Especially because not marketing their products at all, or not marketing their products effectively. Is the number one reason why businesses in Canada failed.

They also need to ensure that they have time set aside to recruit staff as well as trained staff. So that they can overcome the third most common reason why businesses fail. And that is not being able to find enough staff in their business to keep it running. Or not being able to keep the staff that they do have.

And finally, business coach says they need to set aside time for writing checklists and templates. The reason why this is so important. Is because it can help them become more efficient at their job. As well as help them get better by ensuring things get done.

Every process, task and activity needs to have a checklist. So that anyone can be taught how to do it. And ensure that they do not miss out on any important step. And then any employee can teach that task to somebody else. So that an entrepreneur can spend more time working on growing their business.

So they need to set aside time for creating those efficiencies. By making checklists and templates in their business. To allow them the ability to scale up their business when the timing is right. And when they have grown enough, and have enough customers.

By knowing all of the things to schedule. Can help an entrepreneur understand why they will not to be able to get all of these tasks done in a typical five day week. And why business owners should work six days a week. So that they can be more likely to succeed.

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There are many things that business owners need to learn and they open the doors to their business says there business coach. And if they do not earn these things quickly. They could end up failing in business, and feeling rather quickly.

In fact, according to industry Canada. There is a very high failure rate of small businesses in Canada. With 15% of all entrepreneurs that open the doors to their business. Failing within the first year of business ownership.

30% of all business owners fail within the second year of business ownership. While half of all entrepreneurs that start businesses. Will have failed within five years of starting their business. With so many entrepreneurs failing in their business endeavour.

In order to make more businesses more likely to succeed. They should create a time block to schedule. So that they can ensure they are accomplishing all of the tasks they need. In order to reach the goals outlined in their business plan.

This can help an entrepreneur learn all of the things that they need to know. So that they can overcome the odds of owning a business in Canada. So they should sit down with their business coach. To create a time block schedule.

So that they can ask their business coach for input about where they should schedule what is missing. And how much time as realistic for each task. So that not only are they not missing anything. But that they are being realistic about how much time it will take to accomplish these tasks.

And while some business owners complain that working six days a week might be overwhelming. They might discover the hard way, that it is much more overwhelming. To have a schedule that does not allow them to get everything done that they need. And constantly be failing to get everything done.

In fact, many business owners can find it incredibly beneficial to work six days a week. As well as working twelve hour days. Because they will find customers that will value be able to use their services during evenings and weekends.

Especially when it is an industry that is not traditionally open evenings and weekends. And with the right marketing, business owners can attract those customers. Who value those work hours. And business owners can often find that they will grow even larger than they could because of those hours.

Not only can they schedule when they are scheduling their time. Business owners need to ensure that they have time set aside for sales and marketing on a weekly basis. So that they can find the customers that they need. And give them the message of when they are open.

They also need to ensure that they have time set aside for administrative tasks, recruiting and training staff. And creating checklists and templates. As well as ensuring that they have enough time for billable tasks. So that they have enough products and services to deliver to their clients.