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Business Coach | Employee-Employer Relationships

Business coach states that if you want to be liked all the time, then owning a small business may not necessarily be the best idea for you in terms of your job, or your career.

It may not necessarily be a good initiative as you are going to have to deal with a lot of conflicts and problems from within the business every day. Make sure that you understand the fact that there is going to be people that are going to ask you to be accountable for many things over and above themselves.

The reason for this is you are the owner, ergo you are the boss. You are going to have to tell them that it is not up to the standards and the companies protocol if there is a certain person that is not assuming that they are accountable for a lot of their work.

It is going to have to expect the consideration from within a lot of the business where there are going to have to be responsibilities, says business coach. The responsibilities there in our obviously going to be delegated by the business owner and it is that business owner who is going to keep you accountable.

Business coach also states that if you definitely avoid the initial awkwardness of pushing people or holding them accountable your going to be able to better see the growth of your business and potential growth of your revenue as well.

Do not necessarily feel uncomfortable if you have to discipline a employee as you only want them to succeed and you want the growth of the business to thrust themselves forward.

It is often times a lot more awkward to have to deal with asking a employee to leave that it would be to disciplining them. You are going to be avoiding a lot of that particular stress if you simply consider the discipline action instead of the problem getting worse and then you’re going to have to fire them.

An employee is that is unhappy without progression is someone that they might not necessarily be in six months or a year or two years from progression point that they are content with.

It is often the decision where it is going to be employees that tend to get bored. The decision for it is not necessarily otherwise you’re gonna end up with a lot of people who are definitely stuck in the organization. If you can’t consider getting them unstuck, you are going to have to have a lot of the expectation with a little bit of resistance.

It is often the easiest consideration where it is not necessarily a lot of the companies protocol.

That protocol in and of themselves is going to have to be adhered to and can be dealt with in terms of following and making sure that the employees are doing their job. It is not necessarily a process of micromanagement. It is just making sure that employees are responsible.



Business Coach | Employee-Employer Relationship

Often times what ends up happening, says business coach, is the fact that you, as a small business owner, do not want to get through the very awkward situation of disciplining a employee.

However, what you do need to do is understand the fact that there is going to be a potential idea where it might even amount to a much more uncomfortable situation where if the problem doesn’t remedy itself you are going to have to fire that person.

People value seeing a lot of their lives and that they are progressing both with their individual skills and in their individual and personal lives. If there is in fact resentment, both a lot of the employees an employer have got to do the progress report within the deal, although it is monotonous.

It can be consider that employees tend to get bored with a lot of the employers being micromanaging.

They are going to be growing and the employees are gonna be tend to think about working for an employer that is not growing and they are include engaging in levels that may necessarily fall off the map and not help the business whatsoever.

Often times what happens is some people are just naturally driven people. If those of the people that are gonna be getting stuck in a particular rat, and it does happen, they will be able to get themselves out. In order to get unstuck or get out from under that rat, sometimes your gonna have to give them a gentle or maybe even a not so gentle shove.

That might cause a little bit more friction as well from within your business and might be very uncomfortable for the first little while, says business coach.

However, what might end up happening, is ideally that individual or that employee is eventually gonna get out of that rut and they are going to reach their full potential and they are eventually going to be very happy with you and indebted to you.

The consideration, says business coach which is necessary in particular businesses, is not necessarily the fact that your grand up with people who are stuck to the individual organization. Sometimes what happens is your particular organization is just a stepping stone to people who are working towards another particular consideration.

That consideration, goal, and aspiration, might not necessarily happen from within your organization. What ends up happening, is when the individual decides that they want to leave to pursue other interests, you have to be supportive and understand that they have other hobbies and they have another idea for what they want to do within their career.

The get stuck if what happens is you don’t give them your blessing in order to leave and they might not necessarily consider you in the future in terms of possible references or considerations. Ergo, they might not necessarily reference you or give you any recommendations in the future as there business or as their career progresses.