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Business Coach | Eliminate Distractions to Stop Multitasking

Despite the fact that many entrepreneurs feel like they are getting a lot done when they multitask, there business coach says the opposite is true. And that it is helping them get even less done then if they simply focused on one task at a time.

However, even though many business owners realize that multitasking is not effective. They are not sure how to stop the distractions. That cause them to stop what they are working on, in order to address the problem that has come up.

This could be from customers, coming in, calling or emailing. Or it could be their supplier and even their own staff. Might cause distractions or interruptions in an entrepreneurs day.

That even if they are having the best of intentions, to avoid distractions and interruptions. It can be very difficult. Because the people that are interrupting the business owner, have their own priorities in mind.

Therefore, when business owners want to truly eliminate distractions and interruptions. They need to also put their staff on the same schedule. So that they are all having focused work time together.

Also, this will ensure that business owners know that their staff understands. That during this focused work time. That interruptions are not tolerated. But that they will also have a time in the day.

For staff to ask questions to the business owner. So that even if they do have questions that come up for themselves or for customers. They know that they will have an opportunity to ask these questions.

Which will help them stop interrupting the business owner during focused time. They can create a time block to schedule, so that all staff knows exactly when this time is.

Also, a business owner who responds to all emails and phone calls. Are going to get stuck in the trap of always answering phone calls and emails. Instead of working on their strategic priorities.

Therefore, they may wish to train their staff says there business coach. To answer the phones and emails. And only forward the most important ones. That have questions that they cannot answer.

To the business owner, who will only look answer these emails and phone calls during that specific time block in their day. So that they can eliminate these interruptions and distractions.

The next thing that there business coach will recommend they do. Is just turning off their cell phone during this focused work time. The social media notifications, text messages and emails.

That people can get on their phone are inherently distracting. Even if people are not checking those messages that when they hear notifications. Just hearing those messages come in and be distracting.

The sooner business owners are able to eliminate distractions and interruptions. Not just for themselves, but for their staff as well. They are all going to be able to work much more efficiently and effectively. Getting more accomplished in their business than they ever could by multitasking.

Business coach | eliminate distractions to stop multitasking

Even though many business owners think successful entrepreneurs multitask, there business coach disagrees. Saying that truly successful entrepreneurs are not multitasking at all.

Instead, they have systems and processes in place. That can ensure that they are working uninterrupted. So that they can have as much focus time as possible. In order to get as much high-quality work done as they can.

According to studies that have been done. It takes the average person about twenty-three minutes. Of working on interrupted, in order to reach their brains productivity.

When people are multitasking, they are never reaching that peak productivity. Because they are switching tasks sooner than every twenty-three minutes.

So when people are multitasking, they are actually getting less accomplished. Then if they were just simply focusing on one task until it was complete. And this is why their business coach will get them to stop multitasking in their business immediately.

One of the tools that there business coach will recommend, is a time block schedule. That sets aside blocks of time in the future, for tasks that need to get accomplished in the business.

The most effective time block schedule will be created alongside the business plan. So that the entrepreneur can ensure that there is enough time in their schedule. To accomplish all of the strategic priorities in the business.

Also, creating a time block schedule can ensure that the smaller tasks. That do not need to get addressed very often. Are not forgotten, because the business owner will create their entire schedule a year in advance.

And this is much more effective than a to do list says there business coach. Because it to do list may not have any time limits on the items. And if a business owner gets distracted while working on their to do list.

They may not have any tools to get them back on task. But I schedule can help them do that. And ensure that when they reach the end of their day, they have accomplished all of the tasks that were scheduled.

Whereas an entrepreneur that uses a task list. May find that at the end of their day, only few things actually got accomplished. Which is why they should time block instead of using a list.

The next thing that they can do, ensures that they put their staff on the same schedule. So that everybody is working on focused work at the same time. In this way, can help eliminate distractions and interruptions.

But it can also help ensure that there is time to collaborate. So that staff can ask the important questions that they need answers to, and pick the brains of other staff members, in order to get solutions.

While it can be very difficult to learn how to avoid multitasking. If business owners want to be truly successful in their business. This is going to be the key that helps them get more accomplished in their day. As well as a higher quality of work done, so that they can grow their business.