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Business Coach | Effective Scheduling Strategies


In order to help an entrepreneur ensure that they are working as effectively as possible, is his coach says they need to create a time block to schedule. This way, they will ensure that they have enough time in schedule to get every important tasks done. Even if that means working twelve hour days, and working six days a week.

And although many business owners think that they will get time freedom when they start their business. That time freedom will happen. They just need to put a lot of hard work into their business first.

Another concern that business owners have. Is that they think that twelve hour days six days a week is going to be an overwhelming schedule to keep.

However, business coach says that what will be far more overwhelming. Is if an entrepreneur tries to work a forty hour work week. By working five days a week.

And they are not able to get everything done consistently. And always feel like they are behind, and unable to catch up.

By creating a schedule that is time blocks. Business owners will be able to ensure that they have time set aside for all important tasks. From billable tasks in their business.

Such as providing the services that their customers are purchasing. Or producing the products that their customers buy.

They also need to ensure that they have time for things like administrative duties. That are important for business owner to do. But are often overlooked.

Or an entrepreneur might underestimate how much time can take to complete. Which will have is owners thinking that can get administrative duties done at the end of their day.

Or that they can take them home and get them accomplished as well. And while that is a good intention, that is not realistic that it will happen consistently.

And even if they can get it done says business coach. That might make them feel like they are constantly at work. And make their family feel resentful, they work long hours and then bring work home.

Therefore, by scheduling for administrative tasks in their day. Can ensure that not only are these important tasks getting done. But there also ensuring that they have enough time set aside for them.

Another important task for business owners to schedule time for our marketing and sales in their business. The reason why this is so important to make time for.

Is because the number one reason why entrepreneurs fail in Canada. Is because they are unable to find customers to sell their products and services to.

This is often because entrepreneurs are not marketing their business. Thinking that just by opening the doors, will attract enough customers even though this is not true.

Therefore, by setting aside time for marketing and sales. Business owners are actively working to avoid the number one reason for business failure.

The right time block schedule says business coach should be twelve hour days, and six days a week. Because that is going to be the amount of time required. To accomplish all of the priorities in a business.

How Did You Become The Best Business Coach In Town?


It is not enough for a business owner just to work hard in their business says business coach. They needs to have a plan, on what they are going to work on every day.

In order to ensure that they have enough time to accomplish all of the most important tasks in their business. And to ensure they are not forgetting something important.

This is why business coach recommends entrepreneurs sitting down and creating a time block schedule. Even before they open the doors to their business. So that not only will they know what they are doing before every single day.

They also will know that they have enough time in their schedule. To accomplish all of the priorities outlined in their business plan. So that they can be more likely to succeed.

They need to ensure that not only will they have enough time for their billable tasks in their business. But they also need to ensure that they set aside time for administrative duties. Because those are important to taint smooth functioning of the business.

And they also need to work on sales and marketing. But there are some things that business coach says many entrepreneurs do not think about. But can significantly help their business.

One such thing is scheduling time on a weekly basis. Devoted to recruiting staff even if they are not actively looking for people in their business.

The reason why, is because this will allow them to meet enough people over time, that some of them will be a great fit for their business.

Without having to start looking only after they have an opening in their business. And then having to search through resumes, and do one-on-one interviews. That are not going to help entrepreneurs find the best person.

Therefore, setting aside time to have an open group interview. And allow people to come in can result in an entrepreneur having a very diverse pool of candidates. Who could be suitable replacements.

If they suddenly have the need to hire someone. Whether it is because their business has grown all of a sudden. Or if one of their existing staff members gives notice unexpectedly.

It is also important that an entrepreneur sets aside time to train staff on a regular basis says business coach. So that business owners are maintaining regular communication with their staff.

This is a great way to ensure that they remember the mission and vision of the business. And to correct mistakes on a regular basis. And to help the staff grow and become even more valuable in the business.

If a business owner wants to ensure that they have the best staff possible. They need to ensure that they are training staff on a weekly basis. Even when they are busy.

The sooner business owners can put all of these important tasks into their schedule. They will realize why a six-day a week schedule is necessary. And what tasks they need to put in in order to be successful.