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Business Coach | Do Not Multitask in Business

Even though many small business owners get into the business, thinking they know what they need to do to succeed according to their business coach. They believe that multitasking is going to help them get all of their strategic priorities done.

Unfortunately, while multitasking may feel efficient. The science behind it shows that people who multitask not only get less accomplished. But the work that they do get done is poor quality as well.

Studies have shown that people need to be working uninterrupted on a task. For twenty-three minutes in order to reach peak productivity. People who are multitasking, are not working uninterrupted.

And therefore, they are never going to reach their peak productivity. And because they are unable to focus on a task for any length of time. They are not going to produce quality work.

So the true key to helping small business owners get more accomplished says, business coach. Is teaching them how to schedule their day. So that they can focus on one task at a time.

And work on that one task until it is complete. Before moving on to the next task. And doing that until their day is done. Once business owners know how to schedule, they will find they can accomplish a lot more.

In fact, when business owners are able to utilize this schedule. They are going to be able to get even more done than they were before. Which will help them continue avoiding multitasking.

One of the first things that business owners can do, to ensure that they are avoiding multitasking. That is to stop reading emails as soon as they come in. And that means turning off email notifications as well.

Business coach says that when entrepreneurs spend their entire day responding to emails. They never actually end up working on their own strategic priorities. And only work on the tasks that are important to others.

And in fact, turning off all notifications will be beneficial. To help business owners continue to focus on that one task that they are working on. So that they are not interrupted with email notifications, text messages, or social media.

It can feel strange sometimes, for business owners to turn off their phone, and email. However, when they realize that they can schedule a time to read the important emails, and to check their voicemail.

They will find that it is not only more efficient. But they will do a better job responding to the phone calls and emails. When they have a dedicated time set aside in order to do this.

Once business owners have figured out their own schedule. They can put their staff on the same schedule. To minimize interruptions within their own business.

And to help their staff get a lot more accomplished as well. As soon as business owners figure this out, they are going to be able to get more accomplished. And grow their business a lot more successfully.

Even though the mental image many people get of an entrepreneur is someone who is multitasking according to a business coach. This is not truly the way to succeed, especially for small business owners.

And while many people agree that multitasking is not effective. They think they are the exception to the rule. And that they can multitask and get a lot more accomplished.

However, nobody is really good at multitasking. Because it causes everyone to work slower, as well as work to a poor quality. However, studies that have gone into looking at multitasking.

Show that while everybody is bad at it. The people who think that they are good at multitasking, or actually the worst. So the people who think that they are good at multitasking should be the first to stop doing this.

In order to prove this point, business coach says to look at all of the professions. That people would not want to multitask. Such as a pilot or surgeon. Everett would want to know that these professionals were concentrating solely at the task at hand.

For example, if a surgeon was performing life-saving surgery on a loved one. They would want to know that they were focusing just on that one job. And not taking calls for work or from family at the same time.

And the same thing goes for pilots. If people are in an airplane, they would want to know. That the pilot that is flying their airplane, is only flying the airplane. And not checking emails, updating social media. Or taking phone calls from work.

Even though many people understand that other people should not multitask. They do not know what they need to do to stop themselves from multitasking. And this is where is this coach says scheduling and eliminating interruptions will help.

By creating a time block to schedule, entrepreneurs can ensure that they have time set aside for every strategic priority. And every task, matter how big or small it is says business coach.

Therefore, even if something distracts them for a moment, such as a customer or a question from an employee. They will remember what task they are supposed to be working on, and can refocus.

Until it becomes second nature to follow the schedule. And to eliminate all distractions, that will jeopardize their ability to get everything accomplished.

And this is also where eliminating distractions and interruptions will be beneficial. And this includes turning their cell phone to silent while they are working. So that they do not get phone calls, emails or text messages.

That are going to interrupt their concentration, and cause them to take another twenty-three minutes to reach their peak productivity. Eliminating these interruptions, will boost their productivity significantly.

Once entrepreneurs realize that multitasking is not the way to success. They can stop multitasking, and start getting a lot more accomplished. So that they can grow their business, and be successful at whatever they choose to do.