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Business Coach | Common Questions About a Six-Day Workweek


Even though many business owners start their own business, thinking that they have immediate free time says business coach. That is something that they will need to work towards. Having time freedom be a goal for their future.

In fact, many business owners will have to work much harder than they did as employees. And work more hours a week. In order to get all of their strategic priorities done.

And they will have a lot of questions about working as six day work week. But helping them understand the importance of this. Can help them succeed by getting everything done that they need to.

The first question that business need to know the answer to is: do business owners underestimate the time required for administrative duties? The answer to this question is yes, and because they underestimate the time. Can result in an entrepreneur not scheduling enough time to get this done.

Business owners may think that they can finish administrative tasks at the end of their day. Or that they will be able to take it home and finish it very easily away from work. And neither strategy is going to be successful.

Business owners think that is going to take them very little time. Because all of the tasks are easy. But no matter how easy those tasks are. They all will take time. Especially when there are a lot of them.

Therefore, business coach recommends entrepreneurs schedule time in their calendar for administrative duties. And have enough time scheduled for those tasks. So that they do not run out of time.

Another question that business owners should know the answer to. When it comes to working six-day work week. Is due business owners underestimate the time required for marketing and sales?

Again, the answer to this question is yes says business coach. And in fact, many business owners do not think it is important to even set aside time for marketing and sales. Because they think that people are going to come to their business just because it is open.

And unfortunately, not only is this not true. But the number one reason why entrepreneurs in Canada fail. Is because they are unable to find enough customers for their products and services.

Therefore, if they create a time block to schedule. With time every single week for sales and marketing. Business owners will be able to overcome that challenge. By not only actually doing the sales and marketing for their business. But doing it consistently as well.

And the last question that business owners need to understand the answer to. Is how does committing to a long schedule help a business owner from being overwhelmed?

The answer to this question is that while it might seem difficult for business owner to commit to a six-day schedule. It is easier to set a six-day schedule. And then get everything done that they need.

Instead of committing to a five-day schedule, and then always feeling like a business owner is constantly behind. And that they are not getting everything done that they need.

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When business owners start their business, they may not want to work more hours than they did as an employee says there business coach. However, as a business owner, they are building something bigger than themselves.

Which is why they should put more hard work into this. Then when they were an employee. However, it can be very difficult for an entrepreneur to understand why they need to work six-day workweek. Instead of the traditional five-day work week.

So by understanding the answers to these questions, help an entrepreneur understand why a six-day work week is necessary.

The first question that entrepreneurs need to understand the answer to is what happens if an entrepreneur does not have time set aside to recruit staff? Typically, business owners will end up needing staff when they are busier than they have ever been.

And they will not have time to start finding staff from scratch. By advertising the position, getting resumes and reading through them. And then arranging one-on-one interviews.

And even if they find the right candidate, they will have gone several weeks without that position being filled. Which means they will already be behind the matter if this recruitment strategy works.

However, it is far more efficient for business owner to put time into their calendar. To recruit people on a weekly basis. Whether they are actively hiring in their business or not.

Statistics show that entrepreneurs need to meet about a hundred people before they find one right fit for their business. So by actively recruiting people on a regular basis. Can ensure that a business owner is developing a pool of talented people.

Who are perfect for the business. So that when the need arises for them to hire a person. They do not have to look for someone, because they have identified several people who would be a great fit for the business already.

Another question that business owners should know the answer to is what happens if you do not have time set aside to train staff? If a business owner is not actively training their staff on a regular basis.

They will end up making mistakes, or not understanding exactly what an entrepreneur wants. Or how they wanted to. Regular training means that business owners can help make their staff even more knowledgeable than before.

And that the staff is always improving. and that the business owner is able to continually remind them of the businesses vision and mission. To keep them focused on what is truly important says business coach.

By understanding that there should be things in their schedule. That they may not think about initially. There business coach can help them create a time block schedule.

That will allow them to realize why it is necessary to have a six day work week. Instead of the traditional five-day work week that employees work with.