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Business Coach | Are You Even Tired?

What happens when you wake up late and tired, warns business coach, is that you become a less effective employee, and a less tolerant boss in your small business. Take into consideration the fact that accomplishment is directly tied to momentum. If you are getting up late, are very tired, etc. you will not be able to feel very effective throughout the day. As well, you will not be able to instill positivity and all your subordinates, so that they might continue with the momentum of a positive effective day. More days than not, as a small business owner, you should be coming in with a positive, work ready attitude, says business coach. You will do it correctly influence those people around you to work hard.

There are ways in which you can do this. First consider the fact that you need to prepare for your day.
do that the day before by making your and preparing your lunch, preparing your work close, getting the kids ready for school, making sure there is gas in the car, and setting your alarm properly, etc. All of these are can trimming factors to whether your next day is going to be a successful positive one or in fact you may struggle with challenges.

If in fact you get up with your alarm first thing in the morning, you may in fact take that into your whole day as a positive achievement and keep the ball rolling, ergo momentum, with your day, and those working around you. If in fact you’re waking up late, you need to stop for gas before work and you’re going to be late, if the kids need something surprisingly in the morning, etc. you are automatically starting out your day very stressed and you are rushing. Stress and the feeling of being rushed has a huge negative effect on your day as well as the days of people around you. It will certainly elevate your stress level, and it will immediately activate that emotional response in your brain, which in turn makes you less productive and ultimately less intelligent. The specific part of your brain that is affected by stress is the prefrontal cortex as it is deactivated. The other part of your rain that is directly affected by stress is the amygdala, as it is activated.

Consider getting all of your communication done early in the morning when people are at their most awake and their sharpest, suggests business coach. You as well be most ready to take on people’s troubles and concerns as you have just come off a very good sleep and some immediate morning time with your family. This is the beginning of a very productive very positive day for you. Make this part of your routine and your schedule daily for work. The reason for this is because if you begin communication every morning, your clients will know when you are going to phone you and they will be ready and prepared.

Hopefully, says business coach, you will be able to develop a routine and regimen as you work on attaining time and financial freedom with starting a small business.

What this regiment and routine may consist of is in the early mornings, when you are at your sharpest, make sure that your employees, your staff, your clients, know that that is the time with which they can talk to you and that you are open for communication and conversation. That may be a good idea as well to instill positivity and optimism early in the mornings when people just first get to work. They will be able to approach you with their troubles, their concerns, and their questions ahead of the day. That will allow them to go about their day having all of their questions answered and feeling very positive about their work ahead. As well, during the morning make sure that you are contacting all of your clients so that you may set up appointments for later that afternoon.

As soon the communication time with your clients and your employees is finished, says business coach, sit down and go over all of the files that you need for the clients that afternoon. The reason for this is now, and head of the meeting all the information will be fresh in your mind and you will be able to project and tell them about accurate numbers, and what is going on with their files in real-time. Make sure that you allow your clients the “wow” factor so that they may feel satisfied with your service and appreciated that you are taking their accounts to heart and working hard for them. If you do that you will for sure have a return customer and maybe even some references. This will certainly help your business to grow quicker than not.

Do not walk in to work very stressed, as stress can faster on to other people as well and make them have a bad day, says business coach. If in fact you get up late, because you have not organized your morning very well, and you are rushing through morning traffic you will come to work very stressed and not ready to be approached by anyone to answer any questions nor will they want you to approach them. You will always feel as though you are running behind all day. In fact, stress makes you ultimately less intelligent. Make sure you plan everything at a time so that you may have a positive, productive day and that you have set yourself up for success.

There are always exceptions to every rule, however generally, successful people get up early in the mornings, versus working late in the evenings. They do this because they know that there is no traffic on the roads, they have just finished spending a wonderful evening with family and has alleviated their stress, they can coordinate with employees when they are at their most efficient and smartest. It is just one of the tools to success.