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Business Coach | Always Tired Because You Want To Win

It was exactly, famous author and speaker who made the poignant comment “if you don’t plan your time, someone else will help you waste it,” states business coach,

It would be wise for small businesses to keep that in mind as they attempt to grow their own business and make their business very successful among an 80 hour workweek, a family, social life, and all other responsibilities in life. It can be very tough if you are just guessing your way through the day, both professionally and personally. You will feel tired, confused, and stressed out, because you don’t quite know exactly what is going on. One way the guard against that is having a very regimented, very scheduled daily routine. Put people on that same schedule, your subordinates, your business partner, and even your family. That way you’ll know where they are and where you are, and there will be no confusion.

If you find that the workday is just not enough time to get all your work done, instead of, says business coach, leaving work at the end of the day only to have more work at home, do it earlier in the morning. Before people get to work and start to inundate you with questions, issues, and stresses, coming to work early when it’s quiet and get all your personal work done in relative peace and quiet. It’s important that you feel at least a little bit of peace as you get your work done so that you know that you will in fact completed at the deadline. You may be too busy during the day with many other things and will not be able to get that extra work done. Do not make the mistake of bringing all that work home with you at the end of the day. There are far too many distractions at the end of the day and into the evening there are than there are in the early mornings.

These distractions that you will find that the end of the day are your family. However you should not consider them as distractions, as these are the people that love you and are supporting you, says business coach. Allow yourself time to spend with them and they will feel much more at ease knowing that you are thinking of them and that they have had some time with you. If in fact you bring all of your work home at the end of the day, then they will not feel loved and appreciated. Their patients with you will definitely run thin. As well, you will have many distractions in that you have housework to do, children’s homework to help with, conversations with your partner, social media distractions, etc.

Beat the traffic early in the morning and get to work at a timely fashion after you’ve had a very comfortable and restful night sleep. Your mind will be sharper, and you will be better ready to approach all of the pitfalls and work of the day.

You must start, according to business coach, get into the mindset of being a small business owner and a motivator. You need to be the leader amongst your peers, your business partner, your employees, etc. They are looking to you for help, guidance, and support. This however cannot be achieved if you are always running late, disheveled, and disorganized, and you don’t have the answers to any questions because you haven’t done any work had of time. This is also true of your clients because they are expecting you to have all the answers for their files and their projects. You need to be clear of mind, and motivated to help everybody around you as you are the leader. This takes very careful, precise organization. For example, says business coach, this precise organization does in fact start before Monday mornings 8 AM starts. This needs to start at least by Sunday evening as you organize your work clothes, your lunch, coordinating getting the kids to school with your partner, etc. Don’t forget to many extracurricular activities that had have to be coordinated in the evenings as well.

Business coach suggests that you do in fact start a day or two ahead of time so that you are at least on time, if not early to work. This is excellent optics for your employees and subordinates as they will see that you are one of the first ones there at work and ready to have a very busy and productive work day and week.

As well, consider doing all of your communication with suppliers, employees, clients, etc. every week morning, one of the first things. The reason for this is after a good night sleep, people are far more intelligent because they are just less stressed. They haven’t yet gone through the rigours of the day and may have just finished spending the morning with the family, ergo they are much more relaxed and clear of mind. Communicate with your suppliers, your employees, your business partner, and make sure that you are booking all of your meetings in the mornings for you that afternoon or the afternoon after. What you can do then, as you are still very clear of mind and concentrated on the task at hand is review all of your clients files, problems, and concerns. Have all of the meetings that you have just booked organized and ready to go. You may also delegate some of the bigger, harder, more intimidating tasks to either yourself and employees. This is proven as statistics show that people are far better at intelligence tests in the morning than they are in the afternoon. People’s Drive and motivation begins to dwindle and Wayne the longer the day goes on. Your intellectual capital and your motivation towards work is far better in the mornings than in the afternoons. Your brain will feel less full and ready to take on more tasks in the morning.