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Business Coach | a Six Day Work Week Is Essential


There are many things for entrepreneurs to learn when they open the doors to their business according to their business coach. And one of those things. Is learning how much time they need to spend in their business.

Not only will there be a wide variety of tasks that needs to get done. That business owners may not know about ahead of time. Or may underestimate the amount of time it will take to get those done.

But also there will be a lot more things that traditionally a staff member would be doing. But when an entrepreneur starts out. They will have to get those tasks done themselves. Until they generate enough revenue. To be able to hire their first staff member.

And if an entrepreneur does not schedule all of these tasks into their calendar. They may not think of them, or they may not realize how much time it is going to take to get them completed.

Which is why an entrepreneur should sit down with their business coach. And create a time block to schedule. Even before they open the doors to their business.

So that they know what they are going to do every day of the week. In order to accomplish all of the tasks in their business. That help them when the business efficiently, and accomplish all of their goals.

Some of the tasks that they may not think about ahead of time include administrative duties. Or many business owners think that they will be able to get this done at the end of their day. Our that they will be able to take everything home and get it done away from work.

Not only is it less likely that they will be able to get things done in the short amount of time that they assume. But they will even be less likely to get this done if they take it home says business coach. Because this is the time they need to not only rest, but spend time with their family.

And it was owners do spend time working on their administrative tasks at home. They might feel like they are always at work. And begin to feel resentful. Or have their family start to feel resentful, because there are working when they are at home.

And if owner does not work on their administrative tasks in their home. Then these are tasks that do not get accomplished. That will make it hard for an entrepreneur to know what is going on in their business. And make it very difficult for business owners to accomplish the goals of their business.

Therefore, business owners not only need to create a time block schedule. But in doing so. Will help business owners understand how many days of the week they need to work. Because it is not very likely that they are going to be able to get everything done that they need. In typical forty hour work.

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Business owners need to understand that they will have to work longer and harder than they did as an employee says business coach. Because there are going to be many more tasks in their business then they initially realize.

Before business owner even opens the door to their business. They should create a business plan. Which will outline all of an entrepreneurs goals. As well as all of the strategic priorities they need to accomplish in their business. In order to achieve those goals they set for themselves.

And then creating a schedule. So that a business owner can figure out if they have enough time in their day. To accomplish all the tasks that they need to.

Business owners will likely find that it is not possible to work a typical five day workweek. And will have to work many more than forty hours a week. In order to get all of these tasks done.

The sooner business owners realize this says there business coach. The sooner they are going to be able to put the hours into their business to help them succeed.

Not only is the failure rate for entrepreneurs quite high in Canada. But according to industry Canada, 15% of entrepreneurs fail in the first year of business ownership. And 30% fail in their second year.

Therefore business owner was aware of how many hours they need to work in order to be successful. They will be that much more prepared to work those hours right from the very start of opening the doors to their business. So that they could avoid that fifteen and 30% failure rate.

Not only will a business owner need to set aside time for administrative duties in their business. They need to work with their business coach to ensure that they set aside enough time for those tasks.

Because even though the administrative tasks are not difficult. They are time-consuming. And if a business owner is not realistic and how much time things will take. They can end up wasting a lot of time, or not getting things done.

This also very important for entrepreneurs to set aside time in their schedule to do sales and marketing. And to do it every single week. According to industry Canada, 42% of all failed entrepreneurs say that not finding enough customers. Is the reason why their business was not successful.

This is the number one reason why Canadian entrepreneurs fail in business. And this is the reason why sales and marketing needs to be put into their calendar on a weekly basis.

By working on this regularly. Can help them find enough customers in their business to seller products and services to. And to doing it consistently, means that they will be able to grow their business in a measured way.

In addition to administrative duties and sales and marketing. Business owners need to set aside time to recruit staff, train staff and create checklists and templates.

Because all of these tasks will help them ensure that they have the right people in their business, and that they are working as efficiently as possible.

A proper time block schedule can help business owners understand how many hours they need to work in their business. So that they can start their business, with the right schedule that will help them succeed.