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Business Coach | a Six-Day Work Week Is Beneficial


Entrepreneurs need to understand that it is not just scheduling that they need to get good at when they open the doors to their business according to their business coach. But ensuring that they have enough time in the schedule. To accomplish all of their tasks that are needed.

One thing that business owners often think they can do what is they start their own business. This think that they can work either the same amount that they worked as an employee. Or that they will be able to work less time, because they are now an entrepreneur.

However, while time freedom is a great goal for entrepreneurs. It needs to be a long-term goal. Because there will be too many tasks that an entrepreneur needs to accomplish in their business. When they first open their doors.

Not only will there be all of the tasks that an entrepreneur is used to in their industry. All of the billable tasks that will allow them to invoice customers for products and services that they provide.

But also, they are now responsible for all of the additional tasks that must get done in the business. That they need to do in order to successfully run a business.

According to their business coach, these tasks include administrative duties, sales and marketing, as well as recruiting and training staff. That not only does an entrepreneur need to set aside time for these.

But they need to set aside enough time to ensure that they can get done completely. Without having to work later than their schedule specifies. Without having to bring work home with them to their family.

For example, it is very important for business owner to ensure that they have sales and marketing on a weekly basis in their business. Because that something that many entrepreneurs struggle with.

In fact, 42% of all entrepreneurs who fail say that not being able to find customers to buy their products and services. Is the reason why they were not able to be successful in their business. Making this the number one reason why entrepreneurs fail.

Whether this is because entrepreneurs who were not able to find customers not marketing their business at all. Or if they were not marketing their business enough, or consistently. Creating a schedule for this can help them overcome this obstacle.

Something also they should put into their schedule on a regular basis includes recruiting staff. Even if they do not have an immediate opening in their business yet. Because they want to be prepared for when they might need to hire someone, even unexpectedly.

A business owner never knows when they are going to need to hire someone. Whether they have a growth in their business. Or if one of their staff members gives notice unexpectedly.

A business owner needs to meet dozens of candidates before they can find the right one for their business. And by recruiting regularly. Can ensure that they are more likely to meet a number of people needed. To find one right person for their business according to business coach.

Putting all of these into their calendar. Can ensure that a business owner knows how many hours they need to work. In order to get all of the tasks done. Including their billable work.

When Do I Meet With My Business Coach?


Even though many business owners start their business with the thought of time freedom according to business coach. This is a goal that needs to be long-term for their business.

Many business owners overestimate what they are going to be able to get done in one year of business. And they also underestimate how much time it is going to take them to get things done.

By working with their business coach to create an effective time block schedule. Can help ensure that not only does a business owner know all of the tasks that they need to work on in order to be successful have time for them.

But they also be prepared for the amount of hours that they need to work in their day. As well as how many days they need to work week. In order to get all of those accomplished. In addition to their billable work.

A great example of this is the administrative duties. And an entrepreneur may not know how long it will actually take them to get this work done. But underestimate how much time it will take, because all of the work is easy.

And while it may be easy, that does not necessarily mean that it is going to be quick to do. Especially with the wide variety of tasks that need to get accomplished.

Therefore, an entrepreneur that assumes that they are going to be able to do it in the last half hour of their day. Or that they can take their administrative duties home to work on them. May be surprised when they are not able to get the tasks accomplished completely.

And if they take these duties home with them. While they might have the best of intentions that they are going to work on them. Business coach says very few business owners actually due and working on things at home.

Because they would rather relax and unwind, as well as spend time with their family. Instead of starting to do more work at home. And if they do start working while at home. Their family might become resentful that they are always working.

This is so important for business owners to put in time in their calendar for administrative duties. So that they do not want the risk of running out of time and having the tasks go undone. And so that they have enough time in their calendar to get everything accomplished that is necessary.

Understanding the importance of a time block schedule. Can help an entrepreneur create a schedule that has everything in it that they need. Help an entrepreneur understand why they are not going to be able to work a forty hour week. Especially when they are growing their business.