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Business Coach | a 6 Day Work Week Is Necessary


It is very important for business owners to understand that they will likely have to work harder than when they were employees says business coach. This is because not only are they working on all of the billable tasks of the business. But they also have all of the business ownership responsibilities as well.

This means that business owners also have to work on administrative duties, the sales and marketing of their business. As well as things like creating checklists and templates to work more efficiently. As well as recruiting and training staff.

The best way to ensure that an entrepreneur can get all of these tasks done. Is to sit down with their business coach and create a time block to schedule.

Time blocking is setting aside time in the future for tasks that an entrepreneur will accomplish. And can ensure that there is enough time in a business owner’s day, week and month. To get all of the tasks done that are needed.

What will happen when a business owner is time blocking. Is that they will start to realize that there is not going to be enough time in the traditional forty hour work week. And they need to start working more time and longer hours.

While some people think that working a six-day week will be very overwhelming. Is his coach thinks the alternative is going to be far more overwhelming for business owners.

If business owners come to work every day, with the goal of working an eight hour day, and five hour work week in mind. And are unable to get all of the tasks accomplished that they need to get done.

That feeling of constantly not having enough time for everything. Is far more overwhelming, and simply working a six day work week would be.

They can ensure that they have enough time for all of their tasks from administrative duties, and sales and marketing. To recruiting and training staff. So that an entrepreneur can accomplish all of the strategic priorities as outlined in their business plan.

In addition to that, when business owners add an additional day onto their work week. And start working Saturdays. They will find that there are customers who value an entrepreneur who is working those hours as well.

Since those are less traditional hours for many businesses. They can attract even more customers. Who are unable to get to the business during the more traditional hours.

Which can help a business owner set themselves apart from their competition. And attract more customers so that they can grow their business.

There are many benefits of working a six-day work week. And the sooner a business owner can realize that. The sooner they are going to be able to have the right frame of mind to be able to put in hours needed. To be successful in their business endeavour.

If a business owner has any problem with their schedule, they can call their business coach. And get tips on how to properly time block to schedule. To ensure their getting everything done that is needed.

When Will I Need To Hire A Business Coach


Even though many business owners start out with the goal in mind of working less says business coach. They need to work a lot more than they are used to as an employee. And they first start their small business.

The reason why, is because they are going to be far more tasks that need to get accomplished. On top of all of the billable work that they needs to do in order to sell products and services to their customers.

In addition to that, but a business owner will have less money. And because of that, will do a lot of tasks themselves. They can eventually get employees that they hire to work on. Until they have that money, they will be doing many things themselves.

Since they will be doing a lot of tasks themselves. Need to understand that there will likely need to work more hours, and even more days of the week then they are used to.

Some of the additional duties that they will need to take on. Will be administrative duties. Things like entering financial information into their accounting software. As well as paying bills, running payroll, and sending out invoices to customers.

If they do not find the time to get these administrative duties done. They might end up with outdated financial information, run behind on paying bills. Which will be difficult to pay if they are not sending out invoices to customers on a timely basis.

Not only is this very important to get done says the business coach. Which is why it needs to be scheduled in an entrepreneurs calendar to be done every week.

But a business owner also needs to ensure that there is enough time set aside for this. Because while this is not very difficult. It is time-consuming, especially if an entrepreneur is not prepared to spend the right amount of time on these tasks.

It is also very important for business owner to put sales and marketing in their calendar. Because if they do not have sales and marketing time set aside week. It may not devote enough time to this task. Which can cause their business to not find enough customers to sell their products and services to.

In fact, one of the single most common reasons why businesses fail in Canada. Is because they are unable to find enough customers to buy their products and services. So setting aside time regularly in their calendar devoted to sales and marketing.

Can help entrepreneurs overcome this obstacle. And be more likely to succeed. Because there simply doing the activities they can help them find the customers for their business.

When a business owner time blocks their schedule, business coach says the sea very easily. Why it is not possible to work a five-day workweek. But that six days a week is going to be necessary. In order to get all of the strategic priorities accomplished that will allow them to reach their goals.