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Business Coach | a 6 Day Work Week Is Important

When business owners start their business for the first time, business coach says they often underestimate how much time they need to put into their business. In order to get everything accomplished that they need.

While time freedom is a great goal for business owners to have. That is a goal that needs to be a longer-term goal.

Because not only will they get less done in the first year of business ownership than they assume. They will also underestimate how much time it will take them to get tasks accomplished as well.

Not only will they need to work on all of the old tasks of the business. But also things like administrative duties, sales and marketing and recruitment and training of staff.

And if they do not create a schedule with all of these activities on it. They may forget to work on them, or run out of time. And not get everything accomplished in the time frame necessary.

The reason why it is so important to work on sales and marketing. And to have time blocks in their schedule for that. Is because it is necessary to market a business in order for it to grow says business coach.

And the number one reason why entrepreneurs in Canada fail. Is because they cannot find enough customers to sell their products and services to. And whether this is from lack of marketing, or inconsistent marketing.

Putting marketing activities into the calendar on a weekly basis. Can ensure a business owner is addressing that problem. And working to overcome that issue by marketing their business consistently.

Something else that they need to ensure that they put into their calendar says business coach. Is time to recruit staff members. Even if they are not actively looking for people. They need to ensure that they do this on a weekly basis.

The reason why, is because business owners will need to hire staff when they are not prepared to. Because their business will grow suddenly. Or one of their staff will give notice at an inopportune time.

In order to hire the best person, need to meet dozens of candidates. And by recruiting on a weekly basis. Can allow business owners to meet the number of people required to meet the best one for their business.

If an entrepreneur was only going to start looking for someone when a position opens up. They would be without a person for several weeks as they advertised, read resumes. And then brought people in for one-on-one interviews.

And by the time they completed the one-on-one interviews. Several weeks will likely have gone by. And an entrepreneur might end up hiring one of the people that they interviewed. Not because they were the best fit for the job. But because they were running out of time.

This is why this is coach recommends setting aside time to recruit staff on a weekly basis. So that they can always be prepared with a pool of the right candidates.

Once a business owner has all of the tasks in their calendar. That they need to be successful in business. They will see that it becomes very difficult to work five days a week, and forty hours a week. That sixty schedule is a lot more practical. Ensure that they get everything done on time.

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Business owners tend to underestimate the time it will take them to get many tasks done says business coach. And if they are not properly scheduling themselves. They might not schedule enough time to get these things done.

Not only does a business owner need to schedule time to do things like administrative duties, sales and marketing as well as recruiting and training staff. But they need to schedule enough time to get all of those things accomplished.

One mistake that business owners often make. Is thinking of their growing to be able to get there administrative tasks done either at the very end of their day. Or that they will be able to take them home and work on those tasks away from work.

However business owners tend to underestimate how much time it is going to take to get these things done. The last twenty minutes are half-hour of their day. Is not enough time to get the sheer volume of tasks done.

While the administrative tasks are necessarily difficult to do. They can be quite time-consuming. Which is why entrepreneurs need to work on a time block schedule.

And while taking administrative work home may be some very good intentions for business owner. It is not very realistic that they are going to be able to work on it effectively from home.

For example, business coach says if entrepreneurs take work home, and work on it. They might end up feeling like they are never able to escape work, and cannot lacks or spend time with family.

And their family might end up resenting the business, for ensuring the business owner is always working. Which is why it is not always beneficial to work on work tasks at home.

And it is far more likely for a business owner to get home. And then not think about those tasks again. Which means that another day will of gone by without those important administrative tasks done in the business.

However, when business owners schedule all of the tasks in their calendar alongside their business coach. They may realize that five day work week is not possible. To get everything done including their billable work.

Therefore, business owners can appear themselves for a six-day work week. Which is why it is very beneficial for entrepreneurs to do a schedule ahead of time. So that they can be prepared for the amount of time that they should work in their business.

The sooner business owners realize what kind of time they need to put into their business. Sooner they will be able to start working those hours, and getting everything accomplished in their business. That is needed to help them succeed.