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Business Bootcamp | What To Do Entrepreneurs Need To Learn

If business owners are finding that there are topics that they are struggling with, they should come to the business bootcamp. That is put on by Spurrell and Associates. Because it contains great information that can help entrepreneurs succeed.

There are three main reasons why entrepreneurs fail in Canada. And this bootcamp helps entrepreneurs overcome those three obstacles.

The third most common reason why business owners close the doors to their business. Is because 23% of them cannot find staff to work in their business. Or they cannot keep the staff once they hire them.

The second most common reason why business owners fail. Is because 29% of them run out of money in their business.

And the most common reason why Canadian entrepreneurs are failing in their businesses. Which affects 42% of failed business owners. Is because they are not able to find enough customers to purchase their products or services.

Therefore, business owners can learn several topics that are being taught by local entrepreneurs who all own top rated businesses. That will help business owners learn the skills they need to overcome these common obstacles.

While 5% of the Alberta population are entrepreneurs. Half of the entire workforce in the province. Are employed by small business owners. That is businesses that have ten employees or less.

And that is a significant amount of the province’s population. That would be out of work, if these businesses had to close down.

Which is why Spurrell and Associates have created their business bootcamp. To help more entrepreneurs succeed. And help keep Alberta’s workforce employed.

Not only will entrepreneurs learn what they need to know in order to do the right things. It will also hear about common entrepreneurial myths. That often keep business owners from doing the right things.

They will also learn about the best ways to schedule themselves. Not only so that they can put their meetings into their calendar.

But that they can time block. So that all of their tasks that they need to accomplish. In order to reach the goals set out in their business plan can be achieved.

Another topic that business owners about his personal finances. And the reason why it needs to be talked about at a business bootcamp.

Is because the best way to ensure business owners are paying the least amount of taxes. Is to ensure that they are minimizing their personal taxes as well.

The fewer taxes that entrepreneurs pay personally. Means business owners can start saving more money. That will allow them to cumulate wealth, and save some money while running their business.

And business owners will learn not only the importance of a business plan. But how to do a business plan and four hours. So that they can do this activity at the beginning of every year.

So that they can use their business plan like a living document. Which will allow them to have a fresh plan at the beginning of every year. That they can use to help them be guided towards success.

This is just a small sample of topics that are going to be covered at this one-day seminar. And people should contact the office as soon as possible. In order to get a ticket to this amazing event.

How Can You Learn About The Business Bootcamp?

Many business owners struggle with the information they need to know, which is why Spurrell and Associates have created a business bootcamp. This one-day seminar will teach entrepreneurs several skills. That they can use to help grow their business.

So much of the province’s population are employed by small business owners. And the failure rate for these entrepreneurs is incredibly high.

According to industry Canada, 15% of all business owners will fail in the first year of opening the doors to their business. And 30% fail within their second year of business ownership.

And by the time five years comes around, only half of the entrepreneurs that opened a business are still operating. Which is an incredibly high failure rate. Especially because these businesses are responsible for employing half of the workforce in this province.

And not only is there cost of losing jobs when businesses fail. Entrepreneurs themselves have a high cost as well. From people losing their livelihood and life savings. To a breakdown of marriages, and causing families to fall apart.

And all of these problems can have a very high toll outside of the workforce. Which is why Spurrell Associates have created their business bootcamp. To help more business owners stay in business.

Which will ensure the provincial workforce stays employed as well. Which will also help the economy stay healthy.

All of the topics that are taught at this business bootcamp have been implemented by local entrepreneurs. Who all own top rated businesses.

Therefore, it is entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs succeed. And not only will they share the secrets of their success with the participants in the bootcamp. They will also be available to answer any and all questions that these entrepreneurs have.

One of the topics business owners will learn about. Is how to get on the first page of Google. Because matter how great an entrepreneurs business is. If nobody can find them, they are not going to sell their products and services.

And especially since the number one reason why business owners fail in this country. Is because they are not able to sell enough products and services to customers. This can be one of the tools that they use. To find the customers they need to stay in business.

And another topic that entrepreneurs are going to be learning about. Is how to build a team effectively. Especially since the number three reason why entrepreneurs fail in this country.

Is because they are unable to find or keep staff in their business. And part of the problem, is how people have been traditionally trying to find and hire new staff.

This will teach methods beyond the one on one interview method. And can help find better people faster. And can make all the difference to entrepreneurs who are struggling at finding people.

With all this great information that entrepreneurs can learn. Anyone who owns a business should contact Spurrell and Associates for a business bootcamp ticket. So that they can learn what they need to help them grow their business.