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Business Bootcamp | What Skills Do Entrepreneurs Need To Know

If entrepreneurs are struggling with anything in their business, they should attend the Spurrell and Associates business bootcamp. And learn many skills that can help them succeed.

In fact, many entrepreneurs throughout Canada are struggling. Especially because there is no school that teaches people how to successfully own their own business.

Even people who graduate from a business school with a business degree. Do not know all of the information they need in order to be successful.

What business schools teach people. Is how to work in a large corporation successfully. And not the information they need to start their own business and be successful.

Therefore, business owners typically need to learn what they need to know through trial and error. And hope that they get it right before they are forced to close their business.

Because of this, the failure rate in Canada for small businesses is at 50% within five years. And while there is a lot of businesses failing each year. The reason why can be attributed to three main causes.

The third most common reason why entrepreneurs fail in business. And affects 23% of these businesses. Is because they cannot find or keep staff in their business.

And while studies have shown that the average employee now stays two point three years in a business. Where they used to stay approximately five and a half years instead.

This has drastically changed. This means business owners need to work harder at finding employees. Not just to attract them to their business. But also to replace them when they inevitably leave.

This is why at the business bootcamp, they teach people how to build a great team. That typically only would be possible if a business has an entire HR department. And do this effectively and in only a few hours every single week.

By being able to find the best staff without all the work of reading through resumes. And holding many different one-on-one interviews. This can help people avoid this obstacle that causes many business owners to fail.

The second most common reason entrepreneurs that fail in business. Is because 29% of them simply run out of money business. And there are several things that are responsible for this problem.

From not being able to sell enough products and services, to not being able to make the best financial decisions for their business. To paying too much taxes.

There are several topics at this business bootcamp that are designed to help entrepreneurs avoid running out of money in their business. So that they can stay open longer in order to succeed.

And the number one reason why entrepreneurs are not successful in business. And attributes to 42% of all businesses being forced to close their doors.

Is because they cannot find enough customers to sell their products and services to. Which is why this bootcamp will show entrepreneurs how to market their business effectively.

There are even more topics that people will learn. But by helping business owners avoid these three obstacles. Can significantly improve the failure odds of entrepreneurs in business.

We Are Helping You Learn About The Business Bootcamp!

Business owners often struggle when they open the doors to their business, which is why many business owners should come to the Spurrell and Associates business bootcamp. Here, entrepreneurs will learn skills that are taught by fellow entrepreneurs who own top rated businesses.

These are the skills that they have developed to help them be successful in business. And they are driven to helping other entrepreneurs succeed. So that they can change the high rates of failure in business to be significantly less.

While 50% of all entrepreneurs eventually fail within five years of owning their small business. Entrepreneurs are also failing very quickly after opening their business as well.

According to industry Canada, 15% of small businesses that open their doors fail within their first year of doing business. While 30% of entrepreneurs fail within their second year of entrepreneurship.

If more businesses could avoid failing in the first two years of business. That could significantly improve how many business owners who would be able to succeed.

And this is the idea behind this Spurrell Associates business bootcamp. In this one-day seminar, fellow entrepreneurs will teach other business owners. The different skills they need to learn. That can help them in their business.

Not only will they learn how to read their financial statements in their business. But also how they will be able to use those financial statements. In order to make better and more informed business decisions.

So that they can avoid making decisions that would cause them to run out of money. Or help them avoid making decisions they cannot afford to make.

This can also help entrepreneurs be proactive in their business as well. By letting them see when they need to start focusing on minimize and costs, or increasing their marketing efforts.

Another topic that business owners will learn about is personal finances. And while many entrepreneurs might think that this is odd at a bootcamp. And entrepreneurs personal finances are closely tied to their business finances.

And when they learn how to save money by having a much more efficient tax strategy. Not only will they be able to keep more money in their business. But they will also be up to start accumulating their own wealth as well.

Business owners will also hear about a four hour business plan. Because many business owners do not even have a business plan. And the majority of those who do have a plan do not use them.

So doing it for a business plan. Can help more business owners have this important tool that can help them succeed. And how to use that plan on a regular basis very beneficial.

There are a lot more topics being taught by seven local entrepreneurs at the business bootcamp. And tickets are on sale, so if business owners want to learn the skills they need to be successful.

Should call the office today, and reserve their spots. Because tickets are selling out very quickly. And they do not want to be left without.