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Business Bootcamp | What Information Business Owners Need To Learn

Helping business owners succeed is the reason why Spurrell and Associates created their business Bootcamp. Because there are many entrepreneurs struggling to succeed in business. And there is an extremely high cost to the economy when business owners fail.

Not only do small businesses in Canada fail at the rate of 50% according to industry Canada. But half of the workforce in Alberta. Are employed by small businesses.

Which means not only do business owners lose their livelihood when they are not successful. But it displaces a significant amount of the workforce. When small business owners fail at a rate of 50%.

The reason why so many business owners fail, is because there is a lack of education. About what business owners need to know in order to become successful.

In addition to that, there are also a lot of myths that many people believe about being a business owner. From being able to work only a few hours a day or week. To being able to take to our lunches and vacations whenever they want.

The topics being taught at this business Bootcamp. Will help entrepreneurs not only learn what they have been told that is not true. They will also learn several skills that can help them succeed in business as well.

This one-day seminar is being taught by seven different entrepreneurs. Who all own top rated local businesses. And have experience implementing these strategies that they are teaching in their own business.

They will teach things like how to schedule themselves. In order to ensure that they are using everyone of their hours in the day effectively. And also how many hours they are going to need to work.

In their business in order to be successful. And being prepared to work long days such as twelve hour days, six days a week. Can help entrepreneurs be prepared to put in the time that is needed to help them succeed.

It will also learn how to minimize their own personal taxes. So that they can use that saved money to accumulate wealth for themselves. And accumulating wealth is one of the big reasons why many people want to become business owners in the first place.

They will also learn how to do a four hour business plan, that they can do at the beginning of every year. Especially since most business owners either do not have a business plan, or do not use one.

And according to studies, business plans can help entrepreneurs be 50% more likely to grow the revenue in their business. Which is why all business owners should have a business plan that they review regularly.

By helping entrepreneurs learn the topics and skills that can help them succeed. Spurrell Associates hope to improve the failure rate of businesses in Canada.

And any business that wants to come and learn these great topics. Should contact the office for their business Bootcamp tickets. So that they can help their business succeed.

How Can You Learn About Business Bootcamp?

When business owners open the doors to their business for the first time, they often are lacking important information, which is why Spurrell and Associates created a business Bootcamp.

This can teach entrepreneurs all of the information they did not learn in business school. That can help business owners beat the odds. And succeed where many entrepreneurs fail.

The first thing that business owners need to know. Is how high the failure rates of small businesses are. With 15% of all small businesses failing in the first year, and 30% failing in the second year of business.

Ultimately, the failure rate becomes 50% once businesses have been around for five years. And not only is that an extremely high failure rate. But according to industry Canada, there are three most common reasons why businesses are not successful.

23% of all businesses said they failed because they could not find or keep staff in their business. And 29% said that they ran out of money in their business.

And the single most common reason why entrepreneurs were not successful, is because they could not find enough customers. Which means they are not marketing their business effectively, or at all.

The eight topics that are being taught at the Spurrell and Associates business Bootcamp. Are designed to help entrepreneurs overcome these three obstacles.

And when business owners are more likely to overcome these odds. They are more likely to succeed in their own business, and can have their business for many more years.

One of the topics that they will learn is how to set up and read their own financial statements. Because when business owners understand these important financial documents.

They will be able to make more informed financial decisions in their business. Which will help them not only avoid spending more money than they can afford. But can help them be proactive in growing their business as well.

They will also learn how to set up their own business plan. Because a business plan can contain goals, and roadmap on how to get to those goals. And entrepreneurs that have a business plan are 50% more likely to grow the revenue in their business.

Business owners will also learn how to build a great team, in just a few hours a week. Because the one-on-one style of interviews is not effective for small business owners. Who do not have the time for that kind of staff building.

They will also learn how to get on the first page of Google. Which will help them in all of their other marketing efforts. Since 88% of all customers Google a business before they buy from them.

So by being able to get found by more customers. Means that they will be more successful at driving more traffic to their business. And converting those people into paying customers.

People should contact Spurrell Associates for tickets to this business Bootcamp right away. So that they can learn what they need. To help them be successful as possible in their business.