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Business Bootcamp | What Entrepreneurs Need To Know

If entrepreneurs want to increase their chances of succeeding, they should come to the business bootcamp. That gets put on quarterly by Spurrell and Associates.

Not only is the mission of this accounting firm to help business owners beat the odds. But they are in a position of seeing why many business owners are not successful. And have developed strategies to help entrepreneurs overcome these challenges and succeed.

In fact, the business bootcamp is being put on by seven different local entrepreneurs. Who all own top rated businesses. Have used these strategies in their own business. And not only have avoided the high failure rate that business owners face in Canada.

But also used these strategies to become even more successful than ever before. And grow their business in ways that they were not able to. Which is why they are driven to give back to the business community.

There are eight different topics being covered by these seven different entrepreneurs. That are designed to help business owners overcome common obstacles that they face in business.

As well as help entrepreneurs grow their business. Even when they have been unable to achieve their goals before. No matter how long they have been in business.

It is important to note that it does not matter how long an entrepreneur has been in business to benefit from this seminar. Entrepreneurs can benefit whether they are just thinking of opening the doors to a business for the first time.

If they are in the first year or two of owning their business. Or if they have their business for five or more years. And the matter what industry their business is in. They are going to benefit from the information taught during this one-day seminar.

One of the first things that they will learn are how to recognize common myths of entrepreneurship. That are often perpetuated by people who are not even business owners.

That give entrepreneurs this false idea. That they can grow a business successfully by following their system. Even though they have not build a successful business themselves.

They will also learn the best way to time block their schedule. So that they can make the most of their one hundred and sixty-eight hours in their week. Since business owners are incredibly busy. Learning how to be most efficient with their time is extremely important.

As owners also will learn about minimizing their taxes personally. Because their personal finances will be tied to their business finances. And minimizing their taxes. Can help them accumulate their own wealth. Which is the reason why many people are driven to own their own business in the first place.

They will also learn about why they should create and follow a business plan. And how to create a business plan themselves in just four hours of work. So that they can be more likely to succeed.

This is just half of the topics that business owners are going to learn by coming to this business bootcamp. With how great the information is for business owners of all kinds. They should make sure that they buy their ticket immediately before they sell out.

If You Are Looking For The Business Bootcamp Today?

One thing that business owners can do to increase their chances of succeeding in business is attend the business bootcamp. That is put on by Spurrell and Associates every quarter.

This seminar contains great information. That is designed to help business owners not only overcome common obstacles. But can help entrepreneurs grow their business. And be even more successful than they could without this information.

It is important for entrepreneurs to understand that the failure rate for small businesses in Canada is quite high. With 15% of entrepreneurs failing in the first year of opening the doors to their business.

30% of business owners fail within their second year of operations. And half of all business owners that start a business will have failed by their fifth year of business.

There are only three reasons why business owners say that they are not successful. From not being able to find or keep staff, to running out of money. And not being able to find enough customers.

Is some of the inspiration behind the topics business owners will learn at this business bootcamp. By attending this one-day seminar. Can help entrepreneurs learn how to avoid these obstacles.

One of the topics that will be covered is how to get on the first page of Google search engine results. And before things that business owners have to do in order to achieve that.

The reason why this is so important, is because the matter what an entrepreneur does to market their business. If customers cannot find them because they do not in search engine results. There marketing efforts are going to be less successful.

There are also going to learn how to create checklists and templates. So that business owners can eventually step away from their business, and easily teach their staff how to do the same processes that they do.

Which will allow business owners to focus on growing their business. While they have staff to run their business for them.

And since 23% of all entrepreneurs say that finding staff was one of the reasons why they failed. One of the topics that they will cover at this business bootcamp. Is how to build the best team possible.

Without having to read resumes, or conduct one-on-one interviews. That never really was successful in helping business owners find best staff for their business anyway.

Finally, business owners will learn how to financial statements. So that they can read them easily. And make better and more informed financial decisions using the information.

Not only will these topics help business owners overcome common problems that business owners face. They can use this information to be proactive and grow their business. Which will help them be even more successful than they thought they could be.

If business owners want more information on this business bootcamp. Or if they would like to purchase their tickets. They can either visit, or call the office.

And they should do that right away, because the tickets sell out quickly. And entrepreneurs do not want to miss this great opportunity.