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Business Bootcamp | What do you need to learn?

Since there is no post secondary class designed to teach entrepreneurs how to be a business owner, Spurrell Associates have designed this business bootcamp. It contains all the great information that business owners should learn. That can increase their chances of success.

This is incredibly important. Because not only is there an extremely high failure rate of small businesses in this country. With 15% of all entrepreneurs feeling in the first year of owning a business.

And 30% of entrepreneurs failing within the second year of business ownership. With half of all entrepreneurs that start a business, and up failing within a five year.

But what happens when all of these businesses fail. Is that entrepreneurs lose their livelihood, life savings and go bankrupt. As well as this can contribute to the breakdown of marriages, and is responsible for people falling into a depression.

And that is not the only cost to the loss of small businesses in this province. 50% of the entire workforce is employed by small business owners. Therefore, the more vulnerable they are, the more vulnerable half of our entire population is.

This is why is incredibly important to help as many entrepreneurs succeed as possible. Because the more vibrant our business community is. The more we are supporting the workforce, who would be unemployed without these small business owners.

This is why Spurrell Associates have created their business bootcamp. Because they think that such a high failure rate of businesses is unacceptable. And they have made it their mission to help as many entrepreneurs succeed in business as possible.

Therefore, they have created this seminar. That uses information that has been proven to be successful. And is given by local entrepreneurs, who own top rated business themselves.

By teaching entrepreneurs the skills that they need to run successful businesses. By entrepreneurs who have been there, and use that information to be successful.

The types of things that they will learn, will help them overcome the three most common reasons why entrepreneurs fail in Canada. From the third most common reason which is business owners are unable to find or keep staff.

Two the second most common reason why entrepreneurs fail. Which is that they run out of money in their business. To the single most common reason why entrepreneurs fail. Is because they are unable to find enough customers to buy their products and services.

The sooner business owners can learn what they need to know. The sooner they are going to be able to avoid running out of business. Whether that is in the first year of business ownership, the second year, or avoiding running out of business altogether.

And since Spurrell and Associates business bootcamp sells out every single year. The sooner business owners purchase their ticket. The more likely there going to be at business owners need to purchase their ticket soon, so that they do not miss out on this important opportunity.

When You Are Looking For The Business Bootcamp?

Many people dream about being a business owner so that they can build a better life, however attending the Spurrell and Associates business bootcamp. Can help a business owner be successful at accomplishing that goal.

While there is no post secondary education. Designed to help entrepreneurs run their own businesses. Even people who have been to business school. Are not well-equipped with the information on how to own a business.

Because business degrees typically help people learn how to work within a large business. And not how to do all of the things to build a successful business.

Learning what a business owner needs to do. Is a combination of learning a variety of skills. As well as unlearning their assumptions about what a successful business owner does.

There is a lot of misinformation floating around out there. That have business owners believing that they can be effective in their business by working only a few hours a day.

Or that they are going to be able to live a laptop lifestyle. It means they take their laptop anywhere they want including the beach. And they can run a successful business this way.

When the truth is, business owners are going to work harder than they have ever worked before. And work harder than their employees in order to accomplish all of the tasks they need to achieve their goals.

Business owners will need to learn how to work a twelve hour work day. And how early they need to get to their business in the morning. In order to accomplish that twelve hour work day.

They are also going to learn how to time block their schedule. So that they can organize their calendar for success. And know exactly what they are going to do before they even set foot into their business in the morning.

One of the things that they are going to learn is how to minimize their personal taxes. And learn the calculation. That will help an entrepreneur figure out how much they need to sell in their business every month. In order to save one thousand dollars each month.

And while many business owners have created a business plan. Most of those business plans are sitting on a shelf collecting dust. When they are supposed to be a living document. That help an entrepreneur stay focused, and achieve their goals.

Because of this, at this business bootcamp, entrepreneurs will learn how to do for our business plan. That they will do at the beginning of every year. To ensure that they can set their goals, and create a schedule. That will allow them to succeed.

They will learn how to get on the first page of Google. So that they can drive more traffic to their website. So that their website can actually do its job of converting people into customers.

And this is just a small sampling of all the information that business owners are going to learn at Spurrell and Associates business bootcamp.

Since tickets sell out on a regular basis. Business owners should ask now, and call the office so that they can avoid missing out on this incredible opportunity.