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Business Bootcamp | What Business Owners Need To Learn

The sooner business owners can get to this Spurrell Associates business bootcamp. The sooner they can learn things that can help them not only avoid the high failure rate of businesses in Canada. But learn things that can help them proactively grow their business as well.

In fact, industry Canada has done a survey that found that there is an extremely high failure rate of small businesses in Canada. Starting with 15% of all small business owners failing within the first year of owning their business.

30% of small businesses in Canada and up closing their doors in their second year of operations. While 50% fail within five years of starting their business.

And even though this than extremely high failure rate. The reasons why are very surprising. Because out of all of the thousands of businesses that fail in Canada each year.

All of them give three main reasons why they were not successful in business. And what is even more surprising. Is that all of these problems can be avoided. If business owners had the right information when they open the doors to those businesses.

The third most common reason why entrepreneurs said they were unable to be successful. And the reason why they had to close their doors.

Was that they could not find enough staff to work in their business. Or they could not keep the staff that they have. And caused 23% of entrepreneurs to close the doors to their business.

The second most common reason why business owners in Canada were not successful. Affected 29% of failed entrepreneurs. And the reason why, was because they ran out of money in their business.

There are many different reasons that entrepreneurs could end up running out of money in their business. And many of those reasons are avoidable. It is why it is addressed several different ways in the Spurrell and Associates business bootcamp.

And the single most common reason why Canadian entrepreneurs are not successful. And because 42% of them to close the doors to their business. Is because they could not find enough customers to buy their products and services.

And some business owners might make the assumption that those businesses simply did not have a market for the products and services that they were selling. The more likely culprit instead is the fact that business owners were not marketing their business effectively.

Or, some entrepreneurs often believe that their business or their products and services are so amazing. That they will literally sell themselves. And they do not implement a marketing or sales strategy in their business. Which ultimately leads to not finding the customers they need to grow their revenue.

This is why the bootcamp will also talk about marketing help. And specifically, the fourth things that entrepreneurs can do in their business. To get them to get on the first page of Google search results.

So that when customers are looking for those products and services to buy. They can find the entrepreneurs that sell those products and services easier. So that they can convert those people into their own customers.

This is why it so important for business owners to attend this business bootcamp. And to do so as quickly as possible. So that they learn all of the tools they need to grow their business.

Business bootcamp | what business owners need to learn

Anyone who has ever owed business before will agree that it is difficult to be a business owner, which is why Spurrell and Associates have created their business bootcamp. This can teach business owners a variety of things that can help them succeed.

Even people who have graduated from school with a business degree. Will not have all the information they need to be a successful business owner. Because those business degrees teach people how to work in a large corporation.

And the skills that entrepreneurs need to have. In order to be successful in a small business endeavour. Are often counterintuitive. And all require extremely hard work, for a long period of time.

The most successful entrepreneurs end up working twelve hour days. And working six days a week. In order to get all of the tasks that they need to do. In order to accomplish all of the strategic priorities in their business plan.

Therefore, but they do each day is very important. Which is why the business bootcamp teaches entrepreneurs how to schedule their time. To get the most benefit out of the hundred and sixty-eight hours that they have each and every week.

It will also teach business owners the importance of a business plan. For example, a study done by Palo Alto, which is a software manufacturing company. Found that entrepreneurs that had a plan are 50% more likely to grow their revenue.

And while some business owners have a plan. Fewer business owners actually utilize that plan. And they will learn how to create a plan in four hours.

And by doing this at the beginning of each and every year. Can help ensure that business owners have a plan that they can follow to help them be successful in business.

It will also learn how to create checklists and templates in their business. So that they can automate processes. And they could easy to teach to others, and easy to learn.

So that a business owner can scale up their business easily. Simply by hiring more people, and teaching them the same system. So that a business owner can work on what is truly important in their business, which is a growth.

And since many businesses struggle with finding the right people. And that is so important to scaling up an entrepreneurs business. They will learn a new way of finding employees.

That does not require reading resumes ahead of time. Or conducting one-on-one interviews. That are not effective at finding the best person for the job.

By coming to this bootcamp. Business owners can not only help their business avoid common failures. But they can help their business grow even larger than they thought possible.

This is why any business owner should find it very beneficial to attend this business bootcamp. And to buy tickets right away.