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Business Bootcamp | Skills That Entrepreneurs Need To Learn

Whether business owners have owned their business for a few months or a few years, they can all benefit from a Spurrell and Associates business Bootcamp. This contains topics being taught by entrepreneurs who all own top rated businesses.

In this one-day seminar, entrepreneurs can learn many things. From myths about entrepreneurship that many business owners believe. That keep them from being successful through the misinformation.

Other topics will address the three most common reasons why entrepreneurs fail. And help them overcome those obstacles

They will also learn to save taxes, so that the money that they would only give the government. They can utilize in their business, as well as use that to accumulate their own wealth.

As well as how to do a four-hour business plan. So that they can do this exercise at the beginning of every year. Which will allow an entrepreneur to continually plan proactively for their upcoming business year.

Many business owners have a business plan that they never look at. And sit on a shelf, not helping them succeed. And while business plans can significantly help entrepreneurs succeed.

Entrepreneurs often spend dozens of hours making them perfect. And then never look at them again. While the Spurrell and Associates business plan only takes four hours.

And is an exercise that is repeated every single year. So that business owners can set goals, and follow a plan towards those goals on a regular basis.

They will also learn how to read their own financial statements. Because business owners often make the mistake of thinking that they can make decisions. By looking at their bank balance.

And while the bank balance shows them exactly what they have in their bank account at that exact moment in time. It does not show how much they have in bills, or much they have in their bank account. Once the payments that have scheduled come out.

And learning how to read their financial statements. Can help them make more informed financial decisions. Which will allow them to avoid spending more money than they have.

By looking at their financial statements before making any financial decisions. Can help entrepreneurs learn how to avoid making the wrong move financially. That could negatively impact their business.

Also, many business owners struggle significantly. Because they are not able to find the staff that they need to run their business. Or they cannot keep staff in their business.

This is actually listed as the third most common reason why entrepreneurs fail. And at the Spurrell and Associates business Bootcamp. Entrepreneurs will learn a better interview and hiring technique.

Then we went most business owners have always been taught to do. Which is a one on one interview process. That not only takes too much time. But it also does not result in the best person being hired for the job.

There are many more topics that business owners can learn about at this business Bootcamp. And the sooner they learn, the sooner they will be prepared to be successful in business.

Are You Still Searching For The Business Bootcamp

Since there is no degree for business owners, Spurrell and Associates have created a business Bootcamp. That is designed to help teach business owners what they need to know about business ownership.

The reason why this is so important, is because there is such a high failure rate of entrepreneurs in Canada. 15% of all entrepreneurs that open small businesses in Canada fail in their first year of business ownership.

While 30% of business owners end up closing the doors to their business in their second year. And 50% of all business owners fail within five years of owning a business.

And while only 5% of the entire Alberta population are entrepreneurs. Half of all of the people that are employed in Alberta. Are employed by small business owners.

Which makes it a lot more sobering statistic to realize. That so many small businesses in this country fail so often. Since half of the population is employed by small business owners.

More emphasis should be placed on helping these small business owners succeed. So that more citizens can have more job security in this province.

And when small businesses fail. Not only is there a cost to the entrepreneurs themselves. When they lose their life savings, or go bankrupt.

But there is also a cost because it can rip a family apart, because divorce, and lead people into a depression. And although these are the high cost of what happens when a business fails. It is less talked about.

In these are the reasons why Spurrell and Associates have created a business Bootcamp. To help more entrepreneurs succeed. To ensure that employees in this province have a lot more job security.

In fact, the mission at Spurrell and Associates is to help Canadian businesses beat the odds. And they are working hard on their mission to help businesses succeed.

This is why they created their business Bootcamp. And the one-day seminar. Includes great information that businesses of all kinds, sizes and ages can benefit from.

Taught by local entrepreneurs who own top rated businesses. They truly understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur in this province. And what it takes to overcome the odds.

One of the first things that they will teach entrepreneurs. Is how to avoid falling for the trap that many business owners fall for.

That have them believing that they can be a business owner and work whatever hours they want, and take vacation whenever they feel like it. Because the truth is, being a business owner is extremely hard work.

Instead of before our work week, their way to learn about a twelve hour work day. And how to be disciplined, to continue to wake up early in the morning. And get to work. Even when they may not feel like it.

There are so many great topics that can help entrepreneurs overcome the most common reasons why businesses fail. That any entrepreneur who owns any kind of business.

Can benefit from the information. And should contact Spurrell and Associates right away for their tickets. The sooner people go, the more likely they are at succeeding in their business.