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Business Bootcamp | Skills That Business Owners Need To Learn

It is very important for entrepreneurs to know what will help them be successful, which is why they all should attend Spurrell Associates business Bootcamp. This one-day seminar teaches several different topics. That are designed to help business owners learn how to overcome common challenges.

Not only is the failure rate for small businesses in Canada at 50%. But according to the industry Canada survey. There are three common reasons why businesses fail in Canada.

23% of all entrepreneurs who failed in this country. Say the reason why they are unsuccessful. Is because they cannot find or keep enough staff in their business.

Because this is such a significant problem. Spurrell Associates have found a much better way to not only interview potential employees. Because interviewing the traditional way, which is trying to find the best resume. And then doing a one on one interview.

It is not only ineffective, but it is time-consuming. Therefore, by implementing the method that will be taught at this Boot Camp. Can help entrepreneurs not only find the best people. But be prepared to replace them if they decide to move on from that job.

And since employees in the workforce. Typically are staying half the time that they used to. When a few years ago, they would stay with one employer for approximately five years. The workforce now is staying on average two years.

Therefore, it is more important than ever before. That entrepreneurs are finding ways to find higher-quality staff. And find them faster than they ever did before.

Another reason why entrepreneurs fail in Canada. Is because 29% of them said they ran out of money in their business. There are many contributing factors why businesses would run out of money in their business.

There are several different topics that entrepreneurs will learn in the business Bootcamp. From learning how to minimize the taxes that they pay. So that they can keep more money in the business.

But also how to read financial statements. So that they can make more informed financial decisions. And avoid spending more money than they have at their disposal.

They will also learn some great marketing tips. Such as how to get on the first page of Google. Which is going to help them find more customers, and sell more products and services. So that they have more money in their business.

Attending this business Bootcamp is so beneficial. That business owner of all kinds. Should contact Spurrell and Associates right away for a ticket.

They hold these Boot Camp’s approximately four times every year. And if a business owner wants to learn the great information contained within the one-day seminar. They should call ahead, because they sellout very quickly.

However, business owners can also contact Spurrell and Associates directly. Because not only is the first consultation free. But they will learn what they do to help entrepreneurs succeed. The sooner they contact the accountants at Spurrell and Associates, the sooner they will be able to learn the secrets for themselves.

How Can You Learn About The Business Bootcamp?

Not only is there a lot of misinformation about owning a business, which is why Spurrell and Associates have created their business bootcamp. Also, because there is just a lack of great information.

And even people who have been to business school. Are not prepared to operate their own business. Many entrepreneurs believe common myths that are out there. About growing a business while working only a few hours a week for example.

Because of the lack of great information. As well as the abundant miss information. Entrepreneurs should find out from real business owners. And ones that have built successful businesses themselves.

About what business owners need to do, in order to grow their business. As well as become successful entrepreneurs themselves in Canada.

The first thing that business owners need to keep in mind. Is that there is an extremely high failure rate of small businesses in Canada.

In the first year of business ownership alone, 15% of people who open up their own business will end up failing. While 30% of people who start businesses for themselves, will end up failing within their second year of business ownership.

And according to industry Canada, half of all entrepreneurs that open a business in this country. Will end up failing within five years of starting that business.

There is an incredibly high failure rate. And that could be attributed to business owners not knowing what they need to do in order to be successful. As well as having some bad habits that could negatively impact their ability to succeed.

One of the first things that business owners will learn in this business Bootcamp is that they must schedule themselves for success. This means not only will they have a twelve hour day. But they will know what time there would they should start.

As well as implement some time blocking, so that they know exactly what they need to do every hour of every day. By implementing this time block. Business owners can ensure that they have enough time in their schedule.

In order to accomplish all of their business goals as they have written them in their business plan. However, many entrepreneurs also do not have business plans. Even though a business plan makes entrepreneurs 50% more likely to grow their revenue.

Which is why one of the topics covered at this business Bootcamp will be how to create an effective business plan. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of putting too much time and energy into their business plan.

And then letting it sit on the shelf, and not look at it again. They will learn not only how to create an effective business plan in just four hours of work. But they will also learn why it is important to do this process at the beginning of every year.

So that they can set their goals, and ensure that they can achieve them.

There so many benefits to attending this is this Boot Camp, that entrepreneurs will literally have nothing to lose. And should buy their tickets right away.