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Business Bootcamp | Skills Entrepreneurs Need To Learn

Even though there is a lot of information that business owners can learn about business, they still should make time to attend the Spurrell and Associates business bootcamp. Because the topics taught their have been used by local entrepreneurs for success.

And not only are these techniques used by entrepreneurs to become successful. But because they are successful, they want to give back to the business community. And help more entrepreneurs succeed.

There is an extremely high cost when small business owners are not successful in Canada. Not only because entrepreneurs themselves suffer. By losing their livelihood, life savings, or by going bankrupt.

There is also a very high cost because it ends up tearing families apart and ending marriages. As well as causing people to fall into a depression. Which is a very bleak reality for failed entrepreneurs.

But also, the high cost of entrepreneurs who fail. Comes in the form of the employees that are left jobless when they do not succeed. And while half of the entire workforce of Alberta is employed by a small business owner.

When those business owners are not successful. It can displace a significant portion of the employed population of the province. Which can destabilize the economy very quickly.

Therefore, a financially stable province. Requires successful entrepreneurs, which is why Spurrell and Associates have created their business bootcamp. And are driven to help entrepreneurs succeed.

When industry Canada survey to find out why there is such a high failure rate of entrepreneurs in Canada. They found three main reasons why business owners were not successful.

23% of entrepreneurs who failed said that they could not find or keep staff in their business. And that is the reason why they were not successful in their business.

The second most common reason is because 29% of entrepreneurs said they ran out of money. And that is the reason why they were forced to close the doors to their business.

And the single most common reason why entrepreneurs failed in Canada. And affected 42% of business owners. Is because they could not find enough customers to sell their products and services to.

Using these statistics, Spurrell and Associates created a business bootcamp. That teaches entrepreneurs how to avoid these obstacles.

But also can help entrepreneurs use the tools that they teach in order to be proactive in their business. To grow their business even larger than they ever thought possible.

Bootcamp tickets are only one hundred dollars each. And for businesses who are also Spurrell and Associates clients. They can get two hundred dollars off their next bill with the company.

Which means they more than get their money’s worth, just from the money that they save alone. But also, one hundred dollars is very cheap for an entire day seminar. That can help entrepreneurs succeed in business.

Business owners can also look forward to networking with like-minded entrepreneurs at this business bootcamp. And have every single one of the questions answered. So that they should leave the seminar feeling confident in their ability to succeed in business.

When You Are Looking For The Business Bootcamp?

There is a lot of misinformation about business, which is why many entrepreneurs can benefit from coming to the Spurrell and Associates business bootcamp. They will teach many different tools. As well as share information that can help entrepreneurs succeed.

There is also a lot of misinformation and myths out there. About what successful entrepreneurs need to do in order to succeed. Including business owners can work only a few hours a day or week. In order to be successful.

However, the truth of it is that it typically will take an entrepreneur more hard work than they anticipate. From having to work twelve hour days, working six days a week. In order to be successful.

And while it is not hard to do the things that an entrepreneur needs to do in order to succeed. But not everyone is willing to do all of the hard work.

Therefore, once an entrepreneur learns all of the information that they need to know. In order to be successful. They need to also backed up with working as hard as possible. In order to be successful.

All of the topics being taught at this business bootcamp are designed to help an entrepreneur succeed. One reason why business owners struggle so much in business. Is trying to find qualified employees.

And this is often because business owners are only taught one style of finding staff. And it is very inefficient. It requires business owners looking through dozens of resumes to find a few to interview one-on-one.

And since many people are not entirely honest on their resume. This is not a great way to shortlist people. And the one-on-one interviews take so much of an entrepreneurs time. Wasting an hour of their day for each person.

And if none of them are the right fit. Because an entrepreneur has wasted so much time on the process. They feel like they have to hire somebody. And this ends up in the wrong fit being hired.

Therefore, business owners will learn skills that can help them find great people without having to read resumes in advance. Or do I one on one interview, that can waste a significant amount of time.

The best thing about this is it will also help entrepreneurs find the best fit. And have a list of candidates that they can call on. If they need to replace an employee on short notice.

This is just one of the topics that business owners can learn at this business bootcamp. That will significantly help them in their business.

For complete list of topics, business owners should visit and read about not only all of the topics, but all of the presenters that are going to put on this seminar.

And they can also purchase tickets at the website to come to this amazing event. Or, business owners can simply call the Spurrell and Associates office. And the staff there will be more than happy to sell business owners as many tickets as they want for this event.