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Since it is very difficult for entrepreneurs with no prior business experience to learn how to run a business, they should attend the Spurrell and Associates business bootcamp.

The reason why, is because not only will they learn great tools that can help them grow their business. But also, they can learn things to avoid, and how to overcome common obstacles.

Often, when business owners first open the doors to their business. They believe a lot of the myths that they have been told about being business owners. Such as they are going to be able to have time freedom right away.

Or, they can take their laptop, and work anywhere. In order to become successful, working only a few hours a day or even a week. Other entrepreneurs have been led to believe that they are going to be motivated to succeed.

And not only are these myths not true. They will also learn at the business bootcamp why these myths are dangerous to entrepreneurs. And mostly perpetuated by people who do not even own any businesses.

At the Spurrell Associates business bootcamp. They will be taught by local entrepreneurs. Who own top rated businesses. So the techniques that they learn, will have been tried by entrepreneurs successfully.

Not only will they learn great information. But they will also find out to the three most common reasons why Canadian entrepreneurs fail. And how to directly overcome these obstacles. Using the information they have learned in the business bootcamp.

One of the single most common reasons why Canadian entrepreneurs fail. Is because they cannot find enough customers. To buy their products and services. Which is why learning how to get on the first page of Google in the bootcamp is so important.

The reason why entrepreneurs need to get on the first page of Google. Is because when their ideal and likely customers. Are looking to buy the products and services that they are selling.

When they do a Google search for business that sells those products or services. They are going to only look as far as the first page of Google. And so if a business is not on the very first page of the search engine results.

They will not get found by their ideal and likely customers. And when they are not going to be able to the found by their ideal and likely customers, and makes it less likely to sell to those customers.

No matter what they do to market to them. Whether they are cold calling, sending flyers, or advertising on Google AdWords for example. There are four things that entrepreneurs need to do to help them achieve this goal.

Not only is it going to help entrepreneurs learn great information. But if they are already Spurrell and Associates clients, they are going to be able to get double the amount of their ticket off their next month of services.

Therefore, it is in their best interest to attend of this great business event. Because no matter what they learn, and will help them save money on their next bill.

there are many different reasons why people are driven to become entrepreneurs, and when they attend this business bootcamp. Put on by Spurrell and Associates, they are going to learn what they need to do, to help them accomplish those goals.

For example, many business owners want to be their boss. Because they want to accumulate wealth. So that they can put money away. Not just for their retirement, but for their children in the future as well.

And when this is a goal, business owners are going to want to learn what they need to do. In order to minimize as much tax as possible. This is one of the things that they are going to learn at this one-day seminar.

Business owners will learn what they need to do in order to be able to take an additional thousand dollars home per month. That they can then put into savings, or investments. So that they can have it for the future.

Another reason why business owners are driven to become entrepreneurs. Is because they want to grow something successful. Which is where it is very important to create a business plan.

However, a large percentage of business owners do not have a business plan. Despite the fact that they know they are beneficial.

In fact, according to a study by Palo Alto, the software manufacturing company. Business plans make entrepreneurs 50% more likely to grow their revenue. Which is why it is so important for entrepreneurs to have one.

Therefore, no matter what their business schools are. They are more likely to reach them. When they create a formal business plan. However, many business owners do not know where to start.

But at the business bootcamp put on by Spurrell and Associates. They are going to learn how to create a great business plan in just four hours of time. So that they can be more likely to accomplish their goals.

And despite how much an entrepreneur will want to grow their business into a large organization. If they do not have systems and processes in place. It does not matter how much they are going to want to grow their business.

They will learn how to write checklists and templates. So that business owners can build a million-dollar business. Without having to work an eighty hour work week forever.

By creating checklists and templates, entrepreneurs will be able to hire staff, and easily teach them the systems they need to learn. In order to do the tasks in the business.

And that will allow an entrepreneur to focus on things like growing their business, and sales and marketing. So that they can grow their business as large as they need.

There are so many things that entrepreneurs can learn. That not only should they come to this business bootcamp. They should come back every time it is put on, so that they can be reminded of what they need to do. And have all of the best habits reinforced.