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A lot of the other free events that you’re going to guess what they’re run by software salespeople and bankers, neither of which have ever run or operated a business and all they’re trying to do is sell your product. This is actually real entrepreneurs will real advice and not people who have read an article and you’re telling you to do something. They’ve read an article, they’re telling you to do things that they’ve actually done in real life.

Yeah, I can see also a great loving father, quite that competitor in any sport, in anything that he tackles. He tackles it wholeheartedly and with full force and his wife just had lovely little one as well. Josh spurl

well, thanks for welcoming me. Uh, Jackie. Edmonton Accountant, today what I really want to talk about is our business bootcamp. This is something that we’re probably going to be doing on a quarterly basis and our, our goal right now is to sell this thing up. I kind of moved past in my career a long time ago, the work that I could do as an accountant, um, to the, to the point where maybe we made it a little bit of a shift where when I started my career, I help businesses make money and now I pretty much probably make money so I could help more businesses. It’s a little bit of a shift, uh, on, on what we do. Um, and the reason why I do this and the reason why I’m so passionate about, well, the first thing, I mean, um, you know, the reason why I’m so passionate about it is that I know I throw this stat at you guys all the time in Varage it, 50% of all Canadian small businesses fail.

And that’s the most optimistic number you’ll find on the subject. But, and they fail for very predictable reasons. And there’s only really three reasons why they fail. They can’t find enough customers that run out of cash and they can’t find the right. If you could solve those three problems in small businesses, you have like an 80 or 90% success, uh, for small businesses. Um, and what I’ve found from being a CPA is, you know, those, they fail for very predictable reasons, but not only that, there is very defined strategies that will help them and they’re not vague, esoteric strategies. Their strategies that myself as a CPA, I could count, you know, for example, I’ve been harping on everyone in this room, get gurus, get Google reviews, get Google reviews. The math is so overwhelming that most people here, if they really knew and really understood those numbers, they would block off everything else other than on their calendar and get 40 Google reviews before they did any other piece of marketing. Before you even had a website, before you even did any networking, that’s what might be a little activity and I, but, uh, 40 Google reviews, you would do that. You would get through 40 Google reviews before you did anything else. And those are things that we can count. They’re real, they’re not vague. Edmonton Accountant, and, and stuff that we can count. So I’m going to pull something up here. Let’s see what we got. First of all, I know Matt or have all my all into all of them there. So, Edmonton Accountant, this bottom up there go.

Cool. So this is Amelia. She loves hanging out in this, the baby lamb thing bought her. So this is the babysitter. She loves the, she loves a baby laughing and, and, and that’s the kind of the reasons why, um, you know, I do that. I know a lot of families are affected by small businesses and when things don’t go well for a business, it’s not trivial. It really affects families, Edmonton Accountant, to a really significant degree. So this business boot camp that we have here, you all have on your table a flyers for the business bootcamp is absolutely 100% positively free. And this isn’t like other free events that you’ll go to that a lot of the other free events that you’re go to, guess what? They’re run by software salespeople and bankers, neither of which have ever run or operated a business. And all they’re trying to do is sell your product.

This is actually real entrepreneurs with real advice and not people who have read an article and you’re telling you to do something. They had read in an article, they’re telling you to do things that they’ve actually done in real life step by step and one at a time and they made mistakes and adjusted the strategy and then implement it. So all that we have to do to sign up for this business bootcamp is you have to go to Facebook and you can go to this burl and associates Facebook page and go into three, three business bootcamp and set your status to going. Uh, I am probably going to close the uh, uh, the registration at 200. Edmonton Accountant, it’s actually not even 200 spots to the venue, but I’m assuming it’s 8:00 AM and it’s ADM for a reason. Cause I know some people don’t show up, but it’s purposely designed to scare some people away.

I think if you can’t show up at 8:00 AM and you want to build a business and probably should be writing your resume and applying for a job rather. Um, so that’s why we have it in that time. This is not aligning cheese networking event that’s after work on a Friday. This is the complete opposite. This is actual cold, hard facts of things that you need to do to build your business and sustain your business and build a team behind you. Edmonton Accountant, and they’re real quantifiable value to myself. I always come back and get it as a CPA and we come back to can we count this? Is this something that we can count them and believe in all of these strategies, you know, you can count them. When we get to the Google reviews, it’s clear you, I sit down with a business owner and they’ll, they’ll, they’ll come into the office and they’ll look at expenses and it says, my cell phone bill too high or is my interest and bank charges too high?

Or is my accounting bill too high? And then I look at them and you say, you know what, if you tell us not only gave you the phone for free but paid you $1,000 a month to use their phone, you’re still going bankrupt. That is not the number that you should be focusing on. You know what a lot of times that number that need to be focusing on is that top line number. That top line number is very scary because they don’t know how to build it, but we give them the actual, the numbers behind it. They can actually build their business and we put it in a business plan for them. So business owners who do a business plan are 50% more likely to actually grow their revenue and the ones who don’t. And that’s why we do a business plan. Edmonton Accountant, and that’s why we don’t sell accounting services without the opportunity to do a free business plan.

We don’t charge anything extra for it. So all you got to do the sign up for this event is go and hit that you’re going. If you hit that you’re interested, I will also advise you on any future boot camps and when they are, um, I know when they are not going to post it until this one happened. Okay. Edmonton Accountant, so on your tables right now, we have flyers. I’ve 10 flyers for all of you. My ask is very simple. I want you to give away these 10 flyers. Maybe the people in your office, people would come to your office. I don’t care if you drive to home depot and stick them on 10 people’s windshields, that’s fine. Just get rid of these 10 flyers. That’s all I asked for you. If someone thinks that they have a bigger need to get rid of them, I have more of them. Um, Ted was printed them up. Uh, and I, I promised to Chris that I will spell a Cwa Samurai correct next time. So that’s what I promise for you. Also, the other things that we have for, you know, uh, uh, free business advice is um, we also have our youtube channel. You’re going to do that

and on it we have


videos after videos, after videos, after videos, after videos, after videos of free business advice of things that you can actually do to implement your business. And if the absolute opposite of the other business advice that you’re only getting on the Internet where some guy sitting in front of a Lamborghini saying, oh, I didn’t see you there, you want to get rich quick screen. It’s the actual opposite advice and things that’ll actually work for you and your business. And these are numbers that you know, we can quantify you to not just your financial statements because often there’s things that we call key performance indicators that we have to count in your business, you things that should be counted that aren’t shown on the financial statements. Edmonton Accountant, you know, when we have those and we’re addressing that, you know, in these videos and people sometimes you know, wonder this, you know what to do, these map numbers matter, right? And you guys, you’ll hear me harp on


Google reviews and how we do this, but in some ways people have told me, just stop doing live searches cause you’re going to get burnt one day. They might be the day.


But here we are, first page on Google for Edmonton accounting firm.

Um, let’s do another

first page on Google for Evanston account.


First page on Google for Edmonton Cva,

a CFO, 11th first page and all of that, literally it with our videos. So they’ll say they’re not these black box difficult coding things, their share brute force math and anybody who tries to argue with you differently than just the value of the program, it is just sheer brute force math. And I can tell you, uh, when I simply look at the numbers and let’s keep it for think the cares if you’re going to be there and your business. So we give you those actual metrics that you need to shoot for in your business rather than some millennial with a laptop who says they know how to build businesses, who’s never built it. Um, we can show you what works and what actually does it or how would we do this? And so people might be wondering why I’m recording this thing here right now, today.

Why am I recording this thing right now here today? Anybody know why I’m recording this thing? Easy content. I’ll let Chris know. Yeah, take a minute. 10 minute videos. So my clients are talking in the room, 10 minute videos, they know 10 minute videos right now if you go onto [inaudible] and associates, I have more words than the Bible on Swirl and associates. Right now we’re goal is to get more words than the encyclopedia Britannica on it’s Berlin Association. We’re going to start winning those keywords over and over and over again because our things that we need to count in our business that are not on the financial statements. And that’s what we’ll teach you in the bootcamp. And that’s what we’ll teach you, our clients at sterling associates when we do their business.


I was going to say content and video we can share. I’ll put it on the youtube channel. So you got to go to the youtube channel, hit subscribe. So I have like 35 subscribers, which is 33 more than I thought I would ever have. And it’s, it’s really funny with what’s really funny is when you start running retargeting ads and your seven year old starts getting them, she started seeing me pop up on Youtube. That’s, that’s funny. Um, but yeah, we’ll put it on there. Hit that’s a hit, that subscribe button. You know, we don’t do the youtube videos, you know, they’re, these are for hardcore entrepreneurs, Edmonton Accountant, more than, you know, [inaudible] type videos. Although Elvis might send it to sell me a raptor one day. So we’ve got some plans for some click bait. Yeah, I think that bell. Yeah. Yeah. Any other, any other questions?

Yeah, if you, if anyone wants a console, we’ve talked in this room before about leads versus referrals. We have a fantastic system in our office. We can connect, we can handle. So anyone comes into our office, you get a referral, they’re immediately going to get up a phone call or an email and it’s going to list our next 10 available meeting times. It is extremely precise and then we can meet the next time is no problem at all. If you have someone that you think they’re on the fence, they might, uh, be a good candidate or not. It’s not really about us with do they have the most money? Uh, either they have money or they’re willing to work hard. And those are good clients. Um, if they’re lazy in their, for their back pain, you have to have money or, or work ethic.

One of those two things as an accountant. Um, let me just see once a year at the end of the year then. Yeah. So all of our clients and they are going to get, like our planning process is for meetings long. In order to get the financial plan, they’re going to meet once for the, uh, initial financial plan, another time for the formal financial plan. And they’re going to meet probably two more times for the business plan. And then each and every year we don’t just send out the financial statements and emailed them out. We’re going to have a meeting to go through the year end review what’s happening to black and then another meeting at least one more meeting to Redo the plan each and every year. So even our smaller corporate clients, they’re meeting, you don’t want an average about four times a year, uh, you know, between that two and six and the ones that were functioning as a CFO for my team or meeting with them on a biweekly basis, and I’m meeting with a business owner every single month, review the performance, review the numbers to see where they are.