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Accounting Outsourcing | Why Should Accountants Work In Teams Of Two

Very important for entrepreneurs to find the right accounting outsourcing company their business as early as possible. Since the failure rate for entrepreneurs is so high in Canada, in order to succeed, entrepreneurs often have to do things differently than other businesses have done before, in order to maximize their chances of succeeding. The accounting firmís Burrell and Associates has a goal to help entrepreneurs succeed in business, and change the failure rate of businesses in Canada. They do this by providing accounting services in a unique way, with a unique approach to entrepreneurs.

While most other accounting firms assigned one accounting technician per small business project, without ensuring any sort of consistency with technicians and clients. However, spiral and Associates have discovered that having consistency with the accountants that work with clients, allows them to deliver a much higher level of accounting outsourcing for that client. They have also discovered, that teams of two are far more efficient, and deliver a much higher value of the product for those clients. Because of that, they have implemented accounting teams of two accountants, that they referred to as Associates to every client that they have.

The reason why they referred to their accountants as Associates, is because that accurately reflects the importance that they have in their firm. Without them, it would not be able to provide the quality of services at prices that entrepreneurs could afford. Also, it helps give the accountants ownership of their roles, and on their work. They’re able to give a higher level of service when they take pride in what they do because they are valued.

There is many benefits to assigning accounting teams of two to every client, and when a significant benefit is that there is always someone that is going to be able to help entrepreneurs answer all of their questions. Having two people familiar with every client their business means that if someone is on vacation or is ill, the small business owner is able to contact the firm and talk to someone who is very familiar with their business and their accounting outsourcing. Even if unexpected issues come up in their business that needs immediate attention, they will be able to get the service that they expect.

Another great benefit to having accounting teams of two, is that simply by having more people working on the tasks at hand, they are delivering a higher quality of the product. They’re able to collaborate with each other, and come up with better strategies and solve problems much more efficiently and effectively as a team than they would if they were alone.

By giving entrepreneurs and small businesses great products and services for their businesses, they are allowing businesses to have the tools that they need to succeed in business, and to become successful, which is going to help more businesses find success, in order to change that failure rate of new businesses in Canada.

Accounting Outsourcing | Why Should Accountants Work In Teams Of Two

One of the benefits of being a larger company is that there able to afford the accounting outsourcing they need in order to succeed. Small businesses and new entrepreneurs often are not able to afford the level of services that would be able to help them succeed in business. However, the chartered professional accountants at the accounting firmís Burrell and Associates have a goal to give small businesses and new entrepreneurs all of the same advantages that large businesses can afford, but it prices that are reasonable for small businesses to be able to pay.

How Burrell and Associates can do this, is with a very unique approach to their accounting outsourcing. The first thing that they do, is higher in designated accountants, that are working through their chartered professional accountant designation. Since they are in school, they are working through their education at the firm, and therefore can be hired on at a lower rate than designated chartered professional accountants can. And then, they put these accountants that they call Associates in teams of two, and they can get a lot of work done at a very high level. By getting the less expensive staff to do the more time-intensive work efficiently, gives entrepreneurs the accounting outsourcing that they need and deserve, at prices they can afford.

They have discovered that to Associates working together can deliver better accounting outsourcing than just one. Not only because they get very familiar with the clients and their business, but because a group is always going to be smarter than an individual, because the combined experience, and ability to collaborate, brainstorm, share ideas and problem solve together mean that by the time I chartered professional accountant reviews the work that they have done, it is already at a much higher level, and is less likely to need correction or a change in strategy.

Another way thatís Burrell and Associates allow a higher level of work to be done, is that they allow Associates to sit in on client meetings. Typically this is reserved only for the client and the chartered professional accountant, but they have discovered that by allowing Associates to sit in on the meeting, allows them to see what is important to the client, understand their business and their needs more, and deliver a higher level of accounting outsourcing to them.

They have set up workstations specifically designed to help their teams collaborate so that they can easily see each otherís screens, and work in groups of two and three in order to accomplish all their tasks, and figure out complex problems efficiently and effectively. These workstations are unique to this firm, as they designed them themselves. The three desks sit side-by-side, and three monitors mounted vertically in front of each desk, which means that nine screens can be viewed at all times to help Associates focus.

Any small business or new entrepreneur that wants to see house Burrell and Associates can give them the advantages of large businesses, but it prices that are more reasonable, all they have to do is reach out and contact the office for their free consultation at 780-665-4949.