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Accounting Outsourcing | We answer FAQs

Burrell and Associates has an extremely unique approach to accounting outsourcing, for a variety of different reasons. The are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed, and beat the odds of most entrepreneurs in Canada. 50% of entrepreneurs that start their own business in Canada end up failing within the first five years. They believe that this is avoidable with the right approach to business. They have several ways that they are different than many other accounting firms. One of those ways is by having to person accounting teams for all of their clients and many entrepreneurs have lots of questions about this.

On the first question that entrepreneurs should know, is how many accounting technicians are assigned to small business projects and other accounting firms? The answer to this question is typically, other accounting firms assign one accountant that they call and accounting technician per small business project. These accounting technicians do not work end up working on the same project or client.

The second question is: do those accounting firms usually have an office manager or a chartered professional accountant review the accounting technicians work? This is accurate, accounting firms always ensure that they have a chartered professional accountants, partner or manager review the accounting technicians work in order to correct any errors, as well as change the strategy that they developed, if need be.

Next question is: does this Burrell Associates call their frontline accounting staff accounting technicians? No, and this is where Spurrell and Associates set themselves apart from other accounting firms. They call their accountants Associates. The reason is, without these valuable employees, they would not be able to operate efficiently, and do half the work that there able to accomplish. Also, calling them this gives them a larger sense of pride and ownership in their work. Calling their accountants Associates allow them to do a much higher level of work for their clients.

The fourth question that clients should know the answer to is: how many Associates does this Burrell and Associates assign to each client? This is an important one, because every client that signs on with swirl and Associates gets assigned a team of two Associates to do all of their accounting outsourcing. This is very different than one accounting tech per project. This allows the clients and the Associates to become familiar with each other, and the clients business, as well as their circumstances and usual problems. This also builds in a certain level of redundancy into their practice, so that if an associate goes on vacation, leaves the firm or gets L, client will always have someone there who knows their business, and can help them with problems and someone who is continually working on their files.

When clients are looking for the right accounting outsourcing company, they should consider hiringís Burrell and Associates, because there approach to accounting is completely unique, and can help entrepreneurs succeed. The first consultation with this company is free, and anyone can get an appointment to find out how this accounting firm can help them succeed by calling 780-665-4949.

Accounting Outsourcing | Frequent Questions About Accounting Teams

Choosing the right accounting outsourcing company for entrepreneurs can be very overwhelming for anyone, including new entrepreneurs. They should look for the accountant that is going to be able to help give them a great service, because a great accountant can help entrepreneurs succeed. At Spurrell and Associates, their goal is to be and accounting firm that gives small businesses and new entrepreneurs the same benefits that large businesses have, at a price point that is attainable for small businesses.

Many entrepreneurs have questions about what setsís Burrell and Associates apart from other accounting firms and why they should consider that accounting outsourcing company over others. One of the most significant ways that squirrel and Associates operates differently than most other accounting firms, is my assigning to accountants they call Associates per client. The first question that entrepreneurs often have is: is the team of two Associates always the same for the client at all times? The answer to this question is yes they are the same, in order to give the entrepreneur consistency and continuity. If for some reason, the associate is on vacation or is sick, the entrepreneur is able to have someone there continually working on their projects, or someone that they can call at any time if they have an urgent question that needs answering. If for some reason, and Associates leaves the firm, that means while a new associate is being on boarded, there is no interruption of service.

Any entrepreneurs wonder if there is a chartered professional accountant or a manager that is reviewing the work done by this team of two accountants. Like most other firms, a manager or chartered professional accountant still reviews the teams work in the firm, even though there is two of them working on it. This allows them to increase the quality control of the work that the team does. Even though Burrell and Associates have discovered that a team of two accountants end up working on an extremely high level, and typically do very good work as a team. They still ensure that they are looking over the work, fixing mistakes and ensuring that they have come up with the right solutions.

Another question that entrepreneurs often have, is how can a team of two people work collaboratively together on accounting outsourcing for client? Spurrell and Associates have developed collaborative workstations that facilitate this type of workflow. When they are working on their accounting outsourcing, the work at a workstation designed to sit three people. Each associate since on the left and right side, with three monitors, mounted vertically in front of the desk. This way, both Associates can see what the other one is working on, which allows for an intuitive workflow, easy collaboration and problem-solving. The middle desk is open for the manager to sit at and help them solve problems, and review their work.

When entrepreneurs hireís Burrell and Associates, they know that they are getting an extremely high level of work, at a price that is affordable for them. The first consultation is absolutely free and can be booked simply by calling 780-665-4949.