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Accounting Outsourcing | Two-person Accounting Teams For All Clients

Many accounting firms hire what they call accounting technicians to work on some of the smaller business projects says accounting outsourcing. However, at Spurrell and Associates, their goal is to be and accounting firm that gives small businesses the same advantages of large businesses. How they do this, is by assigning a two-person accounting team for all clients. Rather than having one technician per project, these teams of two are assigned to clients for all projects they may have. This gives a large number of advantages to the clients.

In fact, spiral and Associates do not call their front-line staff accounting technicians at all. Accounting outsourcing says that they refer to them as Associates. His business name is Burrell and Associates, and they are the Associates referred to. Without these front-line staff members, spiral and Associates could not operate efficiently, or get the work done that they do. Also, by calling the frontline accountants Associates, gives them a larger sense of ownership on their work, improving the quality of work that Associates do.

One of the benefits of having a team of two on every client is that they get very familiar with that client and their business. Accounting outsourcing says that by learning their preferences, the team can come up with solutions and strategies that are suited directly for the clients. Also, with two people being familiar with that one client, whenever one person goes on vacation, or if they get sick, or even leave the business, there is always somebody else who is very familiar with the client’s files and their business. This means that no matter who is sick or on vacation, or when their staff turnover, the client never has an interruption of service.

Another benefit of having to person team is that it gives a higher quality of work than just one technician working on the file. Accounting outsourcing says that to people sharing ideas, and problem-solving are always going to be better than one, because they will be able to bounce ideas off of each other, share ideas and increase the chances of solving problems. Chances are quite high that two people will have seen twice the problems in their experience, therefore making them more efficient problem solvers when they encounter problems.

Having two people working in the accounting firm, is going to allow the clients to get a high level of service. And at the price that they can afford. What this does is allows the small businesses to get the same types of services and therefore the same types of advantages that large businesses get.

By hiring spiral and Associates, entrepreneurs can get a significant benefit to the accounting work that they need to get done if anyone is interested in booking a free consultation, all they need to do is call 780-665-4949 and they can get booked in for free consultation. If entrepreneurs want to change their business, this is an easy way.

Accounting Outsourcing | Two-person Accounting Teams For All Clients

One of the biggest disadvantages to being a small business according to accounting outsourcing, is that small businesses simply cannot afford a lot of the services that larger businesses can get. This inability to gets higher level of service means that larger businesses can take advantage of what of the benefits of a high-level accountant. At Spurrell and Associates, there business and team is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. Because of that, their goal is to give small businesses and entrepreneurs same advantages that large businesses have, at a price point that small businesses can actually afford.

At many other accounting firms, small business projects tend to be assigned to one person called and accounting technician. That one technician never has continuity with a clients, and therefore never gets familiar with them. This impedes the ability to provide a great service because they are never familiar with the client for more than a project of time. At Spurrell and Associates, they assign two of their Associates per client. Instead of just working on projects on a project to project basis, these teams of to get very familiar with each client. This allows them to develop a familiarity with the clients as well as their business.

While these teams of two have their work getting reviewed by a manager or the firm owner, the fact that there is a team familiar with the clients, and working collaboratively, means that by the time the manager or the owner reviews the work done by this team, they are already operating at a much higher level and doing much more advanced work. The reason that teams of two can be so much better, is they have someone else familiar with the work to bounce ideas off of, and able to problem solve efficiently and easily. By collaborating easily, accounting outsourcing says that this team does a much higher level of work then if they were just working individually on a project without the familiarity of the clients.

At Spurrell and Associates, even the workstations are designed to facilitate these two person accounting teams. Each workstation is designed to seat three people. Each computer has three monitors mounted vertically in front of the workstation so that both members of the two-person accounting team can easily see what the other one is working on. This allows for an intuitive workflow, as well as allowing easy collaboration and problem-solving. The middle desk is typically where the manager or the owner would sit to review their work, and help them problem solve. The fact that each workstation has up to nine screens mean that very complex problems can be figured out very easily and efficiently.

When small businesses are looking to take advantage of the great services at an affordable price, they should contact us Burrell and Associates at 780-665-4949. The first consultation is free, and businesses will be able to find out what sets this accounting firm apart from all the rest.