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With how many entrepreneurs end up going out of business within their first year, businesses should try a unique approach to their accounting outsourcing, to see if that can change the odds of small businesses in Canada. Industry Canada says that 15% of small businesses that open end up closing in their first year. 30% have failed in their second year, and only 50% of entrepreneurs are still in business by year five. Why businesses should look at their accounting companies to change those odds, is because how important the business finances are to helping an entrepreneur succeed. A great accountant can help entrepreneurs have accurate financial statements to help make great financial decisions, having an efficient tax plan to help save the money, and by creating a business plan that can help them avoid typical reasons why entrepreneurs fail, as well as create a plan to become successful.

Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants are working very hard to help entrepreneurs beat those odds. The way they are doing that, is through their unique approach to accounting. There are several things that set this company apart from other accounting firms, and one of those ways is how they set up the workflow in their business. For every client that they have in their business, that client is assigned two-person accounting team with accountants they call Associates. Regardless of what the client does, or help they are, they will always have that team assigned to working with them and their accounting outsourcing.

But this does for the client, is it gives them continuity, and allows the accounting team to become extremely familiar with their business, and their own unique set of circumstances. This can help them develop strategies that are going to help give them a high level of accounting outsourcing. The accounting teams find this is extremely beneficial as well, because they will be able to work together, to develop those strategies, by sharing thoughts, bouncing ideas off each other, and problem solving.

Even though the chartered professional accountants of the firm are still going to be reviewing the work that these accounting teams do, they have discovered that a team of two is going to be able to perform to an extremely higher standard than one person working alone would. This way, the entrepreneur gets exceptional service, and a dedicated team that is working to help them succeed in business through effective accounting strategies.

When entrepreneurs and small businesses are able to get a dedicated team of associates working for them, there able to have great systems that are designed to help them succeed. Any entrepreneur can set up an appointment to come talk to the Associates at Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, in order to see how this company can benefit their business, and if it is the right fit. Entrepreneurs need to understand that the initial consultation is always free they can call the office any time at 780-665-4949.

Accounting Outsourcing | How Working In Teams Of Two Benefits Accounting Clients

There are many challenges that entrepreneurs face when they are hiring the right accounting outsourcing company to work in their business. One of those challenges is that while entrepreneurs know that hiring a great accounting firm can significantly help them succeed in business, they also lack the funds available to be able to hire an accountant that is going to be able to give them the same advantages that large businesses enjoy because there but are able to afford it. The chartered professional accountants at Spurrell and Associates name to be the accounting firm for small businesses and new entrepreneurs that allow them to get the same advantages that large businesses have, but at a price point that is manageable for smaller businesses to pay for.

Spurrell and Associates have a completely unique approach to accounting outsourcing, that allow them to achieve this goal, to provide an extremely high level of service at an affordable price for entrepreneurs. How they do this, is by implementing accounting teams of two. Every client that they have in their firm, gets assigned a dedicated team of associates to work on all of their accounting projects.

What they have discovered about this team approach, is that a team can get an extremely high level of accounting outsourcing accomplished, efficiently. By collaborating with each other on a regular basis, as well as being familiar with the clients, the clients files and their business, can significantly impact the ability to get extremely great accounting done for the clients. Even though a chartered professional accountant or manager of the firm will still be reviewing the work to ensure its accuracy, and verify the strategy, they discover that the team is accomplishing extremely great amount of work right from the beginning.

Since Spurrell and Associates hire undesignated accountants that are still working through the chartered professional accounting designation, the put these Associates in the teams, so that the less expensive team members can do the most time intensive work. What this does, is it allows Spurrell and Associates to keep the prices down, so that while the client is getting great work done by the team, it is also at a price that they can afford. By doing this, they are giving entrepreneurs and small businesses the same advantages that large businesses enjoy, but at the best possible price.

Another way that Spurrell and Associates allows their teams to work efficiently, is by allowing them to attend client meetings. While most accountants that are not chartered professional accountants do not make it into the meeting this early, at this accounting firm, they find that it is going to allow the teams to learn early on what is important to the entrepreneur, and help them deliver an extremely high level of service sooner.

Small businesses can call Spurrell and Associates at any time in order to arrange their no obligation consultation at 780-665-4949.