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Accounting Outsourcing | Making Better Business Decisions by Reading Income Statements


Many business owners may be making poor business decisions and not even know it says accounting Outsourcing. This might happen because they are making business decisions without consulting their interim financial statements. This may be because they don’t know how to read them. And this might be because they don’t know that they should be. In fact, many business owners think that they can look at their current bank balance in order to understand how much money they have to use in their business. This is a huge mistake because business owners will not have taken into consideration all of the expenses that are yet to clear out of their bank account. Which can cause them to make informed business decisions that can cause them to go out of business? In fact, it is the second most common reason why Canadian entrepreneurs fail in Canada.

Business owners can make significantly better financial decisions in their business, as long as they are looking at the facts and finances of their business. How they would do this according to accounting Outsourcing is to look at the interim financial statements of their business, in order to be able to figure out if they have enough money to pay bills, run payroll, or even if they can hire staff or needed to lay them off. The sooner that business owners are able to do this, the sooner they can start growing their business. and the sooner they can avoid making decisions that can put their business at risk. In fact, 15% of all business owners fail within the first year of owning their business. And this shows how important it is for business owners to learn this early on in their entrepreneurship.

One of the most important things that business owners should understand when they’re learning to read their interim financial statements is how to not commingle their corporate expenses and income with their business expenses and income. If they mix the two, it can either make the business look like it is doing extremely well and profiting extremely highly when it is not says accounting Outsourcing. Or, it might make the business look like it is not profiting at all, which can cause business owners to avoid growing their business proactively.

A great example of this is if a business owner has a rental property that is owned by their corporation and they get a special assessment for $20,000. If I put this expense in with their business expenses, it might make their business look like it is losing money when it is in fact profiting significantly. A business owner may lay off staff, or avoid purchasing assets that they need to help grow their business based on looking at the income statement. this could cause their business to stall and growth, or end up failing. This is why it’s extremely important that not only do business owners needed to be able to read their income statements. But they also need to understand it so they can ensure its accuracy.

Accounting Outsourcing | Making Better Business Decisions by Reading Income Statements

Business owners can be putting their business at risk if they don’t know how to read their income statement says accounting Outsourcing. Or, they know how to read it, but they are not doing their own bookkeeping accurately or in a timely fashion. Both of those things will lead to inaccurate financial statements that when business owners look at them to make informed financial decisions, the inaccuracy of the financial statement means that a business owner will potentially make the wrong decision and puts their business at risk.

How many business owners understand that it is extremely important to do as much as they possibly can in their business. this doesn’t necessarily mean it includes bookkeeping tasks. If a business owner does not have the talent to do the bookkeeping themselves properly, and they don’t have the time to learn they may be better off hiring an accounting Outsourcing company to do it for them. If a business owner knows how to do it, but lacks the time or the discipline to get it done on a regular basis, they again will be putting their business at risk for making financial decisions off of financial decisions that are not up to date. Therefore, if a business owner lacks the time or talents to do their bookkeeping accurately or on time, they should hire somebody else to do it for them.

A business owner needs to have updated financial statements at least every two weeks does accounting Outsourcing. The reason why is because business owners will need to look at this financial statement prior to making any business decisions. decisions such as can they afford to pay staff, can they afford to pay bills, do they need to increase the revenue or cut expenses only need to be made after looking at up to date Income statements. if they don’t have the bookkeeping updated at least every 2 weeks, they are going to make incorrect decisions that can put their business at risk.

Business owners also need to understand how their income statement is organized, so that they can read it accurately. The revenue of their business will be at the top, followed by the direct cost of sales, which is all of the expenses associated with generating their product or service. LOL, that’s his accounting Outsourcing is the overhead expenses, which are all of the expenses that a business will incur before they sell any products. That will leads to Venus’s income from operations, which will show a business owner how much money they have in their business after all expenses are paid. This is what will help business owners make informed financial decisions.

Below that is the other income and expenses category, which is where corporate expenses and income should be put. As well as where atypical revenue and expenses from their business. by keeping their corporate income and expenses separate from their business income and expenses. as well as knowing where to look to find the prophet of the business can help business owners make the best financial decisions possible.