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Accounting Outsourcing | How Two-person Accounting Teams Operate

In order for entrepreneurs to end up in an accounting team that help them succeed, they should look for chartered professional accountants that do their accounting outsourcing outside the box. The reason for this is because the failure rate for entrepreneurs in Canada is so high, industry Canada says 50% of entrepreneurs fail than five years. In order to help entrepreneurs beat these odds, they should do something different than these businesses typically do. The chartered professional accounting teamís Burrell and Associates are that accounting firm that thinks outside the box. They have a completely unique approach to accounting that can help entrepreneurs significantly increase those odds, partly because of how they operate, but partly because that is there personal mission, to help entrepreneurs succeed in business.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs should understand about the team at Spurrell and Associates, is that they do accounting in teams of two accountants, that they call Associates. The reason why this is unique is that most accounting firms only have one accounting technician per project. Why a two-person team is better, is because as long as that client has hired Spurrell and Associates as their accounting outsourcing supplier, they have that same team devoted to them. That allows the team to get to know the business, and the entrepreneurs very well. There able to create strategies, and solve problems based on what is most important to that client.

Also, what entrepreneurs will find, is that having two people has a built-in redundancy, so if one of the team members goes on holidays, or falls ill, all of their accounting outsourcing tasks that need to get accomplished, do. Even if they have something unexpected pop up in their business that needs immediate attention, even if someone is on vacation they know that they can call the office, and end up talking to one of the team members who is already familiar with their business and file. At other accounting firms, if the accounting technician goes on vacation, they have to talk to someone who is less familiar with their file.

What they have discovered at Spurrell and Associates, is that this team approach actually allows a higher level of accounting outsourcing to be done, and a higher degree of accuracy. The team of two can freely collaborate with each other, allowing them to share ideas, brainstorm together, and problem solve. In fact, having two people together will increase the chances of then being able to of seen other issues elsewhere, that they have been already able to solve. Meaning that if they encounter problems with this client, they have an increased chance of being able to help them solve their problem more efficiently without having to problem solve.

When entrepreneurs are able to have an accounting team of two dedicated to them and their accounting outsourcing tasks, they will discover that they get a much higher level of service, that can help them grow their business significantly and succeed in business where others may have failed.

Accounting Outsourcing | How Two-person Accounting Teams Operate

Budget is an extremely important consideration for all entrepreneurs, but especially so when they are brand-new and business, so finding the right accountant to do their accounting outsourcing is important. While new businesses or small businesses often want to be able to hire an accounting firm that gives a high level of service, so that they can enjoy some of the same advantages that large businesses can afford, this is usually outside of the price range of most new businesses and small businesses. However, the chartered professional accountants at Spurrell and Associates are trying to change the success rate of new businesses, by giving small businesses and new entrepreneurs the same services that large businesses can take advantage of, but at a price that is more affordable for them.

There are several ways that Spurrell and Associates are doing this, and one is by developing accounting teams of two. How this works, is that the higher undesignated accountants, who are working through obtaining their chartered professional accounting designation. But since they are less expensive to hire initially, they depend on these staff members doing the time-intensive work. This allows Spurrell and Associates to Bill less money for the clients.

However, this Burrell Associates has two of these accountants that they referred to as Associates working per client. What this does is it allows them to get a much higher level of accounting outsourcing than they would if they were working solo. They have discovered that to Associates are better than one, because they can freely collaborate, share ideas and problem solve much more efficiently and effectively. This way, clients end up with extremely high accounting services, at much more affordable price.

In order to ensure that their associates can collaborate very easily on clients accounting outsourcing,ís Burrell and Associates have developed collaborative workstations that are designed to help them work efficiently together. These workstations allow Associates to sit side-by-side, with a space in the middle for a chartered professional accountant or a manager to review the work. Three monitors per computer is mounted vertically on the wall ahead of the workstation so that Associates can easily see each otherís work, select work full can be intuitive, collaboration easy, and problem-solving simple.

Another way that accounting outsourcing is made easier and more intuitive at Spurrell and Associates, is because they allow those associates to sit in on client meetings, that is usually reserved only for other chartered professional accountants. This allows the Associates to learn very early on what is important to the client in their business and what their goals and objectives are, so that they can develop strategies geared toward that. It allows them to give a high level of service early on in their business.

For entrepreneurs to be able to find out more information on whether this method is going to be efficient and effective for their business, entrepreneurs simply need to reach out and book their free consultation today at 780-665-4949.