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Accounting Outsourcing | Employing A Two-person Accounting Team

Many small businesses do not understand that there is such a high failure rate of businesses in Canada says accounting outsourcing. The statistics are extremely shocking. 15% of all entrepreneurs fail within the first year of owning a business, 30% of entrepreneurs have failed by their second year, and 50% of all entrepreneurs that open businesses in Canada have failed by their fifth year in business. One way that entrepreneurs can beat these odds, is by hiring the right accounting outsourcing company that is going to be able to help them avoid those reasons why businesses fail.

At Spurrell and Associates, not only are they dedicated to helping entrepreneurs beat those odds, they also have an extremely unique approach to accounting that set them selves apart from other accountants. One of the ways that they are different, is because the employee teams of two accountants they call Associates for every client that they have in the firm. What this actually does, is it allows the team to work efficiently and effectively on that clients accounting outsourcing. They are able to have a very high level of accounting work done, because the group is always smarter than one person at a time. They work collaboratively, bouncing ideas off of each other, sharing ideas and increasing the chances of having seen a problem before that they already know how to solve.

Another benefit, is by having a team of two people, it allows the clients to have continuity of their accounting outsourcing, regardless of if and Associates goes on vacation, or is sick. Even if they leave the firm for some reason, the clients knows that they are never going to have a break in service, while they are onboarding a new Associates. They will be able to phone the office at any time, and have someone that is very familiar with their business to be able to answer any question. When entrepreneurs are new in business, they often will not be able to wait for their particular associate to come back from vacation to answer question.

A great benefit to having a team that is very familiar with an entrepreneur and their business, is that that team can become extremely familiar with the business, and the circumstances that surround it. At Spurrell and Associates, they allow their associates to sit in on client meetings so that it can help the Associates learn not only what is important to the clients so that they can come up with strategies that will matter to their business, but also learn what is important in the meeting so that they can continue to deliver an extremely high level of service. By focusing on what matters to clients, these Associates can become extremely high level Associates.

When entrepreneurs are looking to hire the right accountant for their business, they should considerís Burrell and Associates, because the truly care about helping entrepreneurs succeed, and also because they have such a unique approach to accounting, that it is extremely beneficial to entrepreneurs as well.

Accounting Outsourcing | Employing A Two-person Accounting Team

There are many challenges that entrepreneurs face is they start their first business, and finding the right accountant to work on their accounting outsourcing is one of those challenges. The reason why is because the type of accounting firm that can help small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed are often out of their price range. When business owners look at large companies and corporations and see what types of accounting services they use in order to become successful, it is far out of their price range. However, the accounting firmís Burrell and Associates has a goal to give entrepreneurs and small businesses the same types of services that help large businesses succeed, however doing that at a price that small businesses are able to afford.

When way that Spurrell and Associates is set apart from their competition, is because the employee two-person accounting teams. How this works, is the higher undesignated accountants to work in teams of two. Each team of two is assigned permanently to every client at the accounting firm. This way, these two accountants called Associates become extremely familiar with that client, their business, their circumstances, and their preferences. This allows them to be able to tailor their solutions and their work to what matters to the client.

Even though they have a chartered professional accountants or a manager in the firm review all of the work that these Associates do, I find that their accounting outsourcing work is at an extremely high level by the time the chartered professional accountant is reviewing it. The reason is that two people working through problems is very beneficial to entrepreneurs. They can bounce ideas off each other, share ideas, and problem solve much more efficiently because they collaborate.

Because Spurrell and Associates are able to hire less expensive staff to do the time intensive work, they are able to keep their prices at something that entrepreneurs new businesses can afford. However, hiring this team means that they can get an extremely high level of work done at the same time. Meaning their accounting outsourcing is great, and yet it is not hurting their cash flow to achieve that.

Sperling Associates ensure that they have set their workstations up in order to facilitate easy collaboration for their accounting teams. The workstation is set up so that both Associates can see each otherís screen easily, and that the chartered professional accountant has a seat in the middle, to review their work, or to help them problem solve an extremely complex problem if it ever comes up.

Any entrepreneur can find out more information about house Burrell and Associates can help their business grow, and what sets them apart by calling to get a free consultation. All initial consultations are always free, and businesses can get a free book just for showing up to the meeting that can help them continue developing business strategies. All they have to do to set this up is call the office at 780-665-4949.