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Accounting Outsourcing | Do Nonprofits Require Audited Financial Statements

Many prophets required by their Board of Directors to prepare audited financial statements as their year end financial statements says accounting outsourcing. Is this necessary is a question that they should be asking their Board of Directors to verify if this is actually something that is still needed or not.

Banks have started relaxing their requirements for businesses who are applying for loans, that they no longer need audited financial statements because it was to reader statements are becoming more sophisticated says accounting outsourcing. If entrepreneurs no longer have to spend the cost of getting audited financial statements, nonprofits should be asking the Board of Directors of their organization the same.

The reason why nonprofits should be questioning this is because the sheer scope of getting audited or reviewed financial statements is massive. Many nonprofits, especially small ones may not be financially able to go through the expense of creating audited financial statements in order to satisfy their Board of Directors. Many nonprofits have extremely small budgets, and would rather spend the money that they have on their cause, instead of going to great cost and expense to get audited financial statements for the year end. the Board of Directors usually requires that in the bylaws, because thatís what used to be standard, but as times change, these nonprofits need to let their Board of Directors know that they may want to raise their bylaws and change what is required.

You nonprofits should understand the differences between notice to reader financial statement is reviewed financial statement did financial statements in order to help them determine is absolutely necessary for their Board of Directors. Notice to reader financial statements been verified as arithmetically correct and therefore the numbers are possible. Reviewed financial statements have been tested as reasonable, which takes more time, which increases the cost. Audited financial statements have actually been confirmed as corrected by the accountant by verifying the numbers are hundred percent accurate says accounting outsourcing. The accountant will confirm with the bank, as well as call all of the Accounts Receivable to ensure that the amounts that are outstanding is actually outstanding and are going to be paid off. This takes significant amount of time, therefore it costs significantly more. If the Board of Directors nonprofits understood why it significantly more, only to verify that the numbers are a bit more accurate, they may amend their bylaws says accounting outsourcing to no longer require audited financial statements.

Banks can relax their requirements do not require audited financial statements in order to load several million dollars, not for profits, especially small nonprofits should be allowed to have their bylaws relaxed to no longer have to go through significant hardship in order to pay for an audited financial statement. Accounting outsourcing says that charities should appeal to their Board of Directors, and see if thatís absolutely necessary and if it no longer is, they can amend their bylaws and save them significant amounts of money and time every year.

Non profits are required by their Board of Directors and their bylaws to provide audited financial statements for their year end financials says accounting outsourcing. This can be a significant hardship especially for smaller non profits who would rather spend the money that they make on their cause instead of on their year end financials. Times are changing, and even banks are relaxing their positions on what they require in order to loan millions of dollars, therefore charities and their Board of Directors should with you why they need audited financial statements, and if they are able to relax their position on it as well.

In order for charities and their Board of Directors to understand the difference between the different financial statements, by learning the difference between all of them, charities and their Board of Directors may be better armed in understanding what they need in their bylaws. The notice to reader statements are statements that the accountant has verified the balance is accurate, and that is arithmetically correct and possible. This takes the least amount of time out of all the financial statements to produce, and it is reflected in the price of it. Reviewed financial statements contain the same information, but the accountant has tested the reasonability of the numbers to verify it is more than just arithmetically correct, but the numbers are believable. The audited financial statements take the most amount of time, and the accountant doesnít just test the reasonability of the numbers, accountant actually confirms that the numbers are accurate. The accountant will go to the bank and verify the numbers are correct as well as use the Accounts Receivable sheet and verify the totals with clients, but the amounts that are outstanding are accurate and that money is coming back. Because this takes a significant amount of time says accounting outsourcing, this is the most expensive financial statement that can be produced.

When accountant is preparing an audited financial statement, the accountantís fiduciary duty is going to be to the Board of Directors and not to the charity. Because of that, and accountant must remain impartial and unbiased, which means that the accountant is unable to offer suggestions or advice to their clients. This is to ensure that the accountant is objective, but it often means that the client lacks the advice and suggestions that can be extremely beneficial from their accountant. For this alone, many entrepreneurs are finding that the notice to reader financial statements are more preferred. If the Board of Directors of nonprofits understood how much more beneficial noticed reader statements could be for the charity, they might relax their stance.

Accounting outsourcing says that due to the cost of creating the audited financial statements, the Board of Directors may decide that it is too much of a financial hardship in order for the not-for-profit to use such a significant amount of the money that they received in donations on accounting bills.