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Industry Canada says percent of all businesses close their doors within the first five years of business ownership, and 42% of those entrepreneurs say that be to attract new customers was the reason for their failure reports accounting outsourcing. This proves that one of the largest problems businesses face and can say is a revenue generating problem, not expense problem. Unfortunately business owners who are struggling financially tend to become fixated with minimizing expenses even though expenses will not help them become successful. Business owner is minimize and largest expenses the shortest amount of time in order to free up time you have spent on revenue-generating activities.

The business owner can figure out what the largest expenses are, in order to spend time summarizing them says accounting outsourcing, is organizing their statements in numerically descending order. That way there significant most costs will be listed the top of their statement, and the bottom will be on items that affect their bottom line significant, and can be ignored. Two of the items will be at the top of the list will be gross margin. A business owner can affect administrative labour cost significantly by always ensuring that the labour cost is as tight as possible, reduce hours or eliminating positions when necessary, as well as directing administrative staff onto billable tasks such as accounts receivable as well as sales and marketing. That leaves gross margin optimization, and business owners can look at direct cost of labour including subcontractors, supplies and materials as things that they can save money on. This efficient use of their time can allow business owners to effectively save money on their bottom line, in a short amount of time as possible. To allow them to free up time in their day to spend on revenue increasing revenue-generating activities as well as increasing productivity for better margins in their business.

Business owners a limited amount of time in their business, and so spending their time on the most effective tasks possible is the way that they can get the most out of the day. Since the number 1 Business Problem in Canada is the inability to attract customers, and stands to reason that attract new customers is the most important thing that a business owner should spend their time doing. This falls under revenue increasing and generating activities also known as advertising and marketing. It doesnít matter what a business owner is doing in order to generate new revenue and attract customers, the effective marketing strategies are the ones that are implemented on a regular basis. Business owner needs to focus on marketing their business as a way of increasing revenue. Most businesses donít have a expense problem they have a revenue problem this way they will be well equipped to set their business up for success says accounting outsourcing.

Any time a business owner is able to spend money to make more time, they should think about doing that as long as they can trade money for your time at a lower rate than a business owner can produce it.

50% of all businesses fail within the first five years, with 42% of those failed businesses say that the inability to attract customers was the reason for their business failure says accounting out sourcing. However struggling business owners often become fixated demising expenses, even though expenses will not help them succeed, because minimizing costs help a business owner generate income. The best way that a business owner can help the business is to generate income and attract customers.

The best way that a business owner can attract customers, is through sales and marketing KPIs says accounting outsourcing and should be the number one activity that a business owner can spend most of their time on. As a business owner only has 168 hours in the week, making efficient use of their time is key to business success. The only ineffective marketing strategies are the ones that are not consistent, so business owners need to be consistent with their advertising and marketing. If not, they will have to re-do those efforts, ultimately spending way more time to achieve the same results they would have had with consistent efforts.

That is to say that spending time on minimizing expenses is not important to says accounting outsourcing, but spending time on minimizing those expenses that are going to have the biggest impact on their bottom line is important. The way a business can find out which of those expenses they should spend their time on, recommendation is to organize their income statements in numerically descending order. The reason for this, is that they will easily be able to see the items that are affecting their bottom line at the top of the list, which is what business owners should be spending their time and energy on. The items that are most likely at the top of the list for most business owners include administrative labour as well as gross margin. A business owner will be able to easily change on those items with a small amount of time. For example administrative staff have reduced hours, or be re-tasked to billable activities such as Accounts Receivable. Business owner on the optimization of their gross margins including the direct cost of labour including subcontractors, supplies and materials. This will allow them to free up the time that they do have in their business to work on their revenue increasing and generating activities. Whatever business owner can do in order to increase their business.

Business owners should spend most of their time on their advertising and marketing KPIs as well as keeping track of how effective those efforts are. This is more important of an activity to do rather than trying to save some money on phone bills, office supplies and bank charges says accounting outsourcing. Business owners and assess activities that help generate business for their company, they will worry less about who minimizing expenses and start growing their business.