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Accounting Outsourcing | Benefiting Clients With Two-person Accounting Teams

One thing that can help entrepreneurs succeed in business, is hiring the right accounting outsourcing company for their business. Industry Canada says there is an extremely high failure rate for new businesses, 15% failing within their first year of business, 30% failing by their second year, and by the time five years is reached, only half of all entrepreneurs that started still remain a business. When entrepreneurs are hiring an accountant for their business, the right one can significantly impact their chances of succeeding. The chartered professional accountants atís Burrell and Associates have a mission to help increase the odds of entrepreneurs succeeding in business. Not only is this their goal, but they also have a unique approach to accomplishing this goal.

What setsís Burrell and Associates apart from other accounting firms, is the fact that they have a two-person accounting team that is dedicated for each of the clients that they have in their firm. This dedicated team works with that client on an ongoing basis, coming extremely familiar with their business, their unique circumstances, and their preferences. This allows them to come up with strategies that are designed specifically for them, in order to address what is the most important for that client.

They have discovered that this approach allows this team to deliver an extremely high level of service to their clients on a regular basis. While a manager or a chartered professional accountant in the firm is still going to be reviewing the work done by this team, they will discover that the accounting outsourcing that the team manages to get done is an extremely high level. Less needs to be corrected, and the strategies they come up with our much more solid than a single person to come up with. A big part of the reason, is the fact that these teams freely collaborate, bounce ideas off of each other and work together to solve problems more efficiently together.

Another benefit to the client of working in accounting teams, is that when and Associates takes a vacation, or has a sick day, the entrepreneur does not have any interrupted services. While one associate is gone, the other one can continue working on their accounting outsourcing, and be available any time a client has a question or problem that needs to be addressed right away. By always having someone in the office who can help a client, helps for the continuity of their service.

With the benefits of having two-person accounting teams is for the clients, when entrepreneurs hire Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants to work on their business, they can be certain that the right to have extremely efficient team, that is dedicated to helping them succeed in business. This, together with their mission to help entrepreneurs beat the odds in succeed in business, makes Burrell Associates Chartered Professional Accountants a great partner for all entrepreneurs and small business owners who are very driven to succeed in their business.

Accounting Outsourcing | Benefiting Clients With Two-person Accounting Teams

Many entrepreneurs understand the importance of hiring the right accounting outsourcing company as early as possible in their entrepreneurship. However, many small businesses and new entrepreneurs often discover that the services they are looking for in their accounting firm is very difficult to be able to afford. This is worse Burrell and Associates chartered professional accountants are able to help. Their goal is to be and accounting firm to give small businesses and new entrepreneurs all the same advantages that large businesses have, but at a price that is manageable for them to be able to afford. Not only do they have this is their goal, they also have a unique approach to how they can accomplish this consistently.

One of the first things that Spurrell and Associates does differently than other accounting firms in their approach to accounting outsourcing, is by hiring on undesignated accountants who are working towards getting their chartered professional accounting designation. Calling these accountants Associates, the work in teams of two together and are signed a client to work with. By hiring less expensive staff to do the time intensive work, Sperling Associates can ensure that they are keeping the price part of their services at an affordable level.

What they have discovered using a team of two does, is it allows these associates to be able to offer an extremely high quality of service on a consistent basis. The reason why, is because a group is always smarter than the individual, and two people working on a problem is better than just one. They work collaboratively, to share ideas, problem solve and come up with unique strategies to help the business owner. By the time the chartered professional accountant reviews the accounting outsourcing work that they have done for their client, it is already at a much higher level than an individual accountant could provide. This way, Sperling Associates is able to provide an extremely high level of service, at an affordable price for new entrepreneurs.

In order to help Sperling Associates have developed collaborative workstations designed specifically for this approach. Each workstation can accommodate three people. Each desk has three computer screens, to allow for an efficient workflow. The computer monitors are mounted in such a way that each Associates can see each otherís work very easily. This will allow for intuitive workflow, collaboration and problem solving. The middle computer is for the chartered professional accountant to sit at, and help problem solve or to check the work of the team.

Another way that this accounting firm does things in a unique way, as they allow their associates to sit in on client meetings. This is quite unique, and it allows for these associates to learn extremely early on what is important to the client, and what their goals are. This helps them deliver a high level of work, and create solutions designed specifically for what the client has indicated is important.

Any entrepreneurs who would like to arrange for a free consultation to find out if this approach would work for them and their business, just needs to call the office to arrange their consultation at 780-665-4949.