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Accounting Outsourcing | Advantages Of A Two Person Accounting Team

One of the things that entrepreneurs should be looking for when they are ready to hire and accounting outsourcing company for their business, is a company that is going to be able to help them succeed. Half of all entrepreneurs that start businesses in Canada fail within the first five years, and there are three main reasons why businesses say they fail. The hiring the right accounting firm, entrepreneurs can have a plan to avoid those reasons. Not only does this Burrell and Associates to change that statistic, and help entrepreneurs succeed, but they also have an extremely unique approach to accounting that can help entrepreneurs achieve this goal.

One of the ways that squirrel and Associates is different than many other accounting firms, is because they ensure that they are assigning a team of two accountants that they call Associates for every client that signs on with their company. Other accounting firms typically call their accountants accounting technicians, and only one is assigned small business project. The benefit of having a team assigned to a client, is that there able to get very familiar with that client, and their business. This familiarity can help Associates learn their preferences, and be familiar with what solutions work well for them as well as help them create strategies specifically for their business. Clients will find that they end up getting a higher level of service because of that familiarity.

A great benefit to having an team dedicated to a client, to do their accounting outsourcing is that it has a built-in redundancy. Therefore, if an associate goes on vacation or falls ill, the client can be certain that they are going to continue to have their work being accomplished. If for some reason, and of the Associates leaves the firm, the clients will not have a break in service while they are onboarding a new associate onto their file.

Clients will also find that having two people working on their accounting outsourcing gives them a higher level of work, because there is two people working on the file, it can get accomplished faster, and more accurately, because to Associates are able to collaborate, and problem solve together. This is when the ways that entrepreneurs can get an extremely high level of service at a price that they can afford.

Clients can be certain that even though there is an accounting team of two people working on their files, the firms CPA or manager is still going to be reviewing the work that they have done, so that they can fix any errors, so that they end up with files that are correct. Also, the chartered professional accountants may slightly change the strategy that the team has chosen. However, they find that much less fixing has to be done on the files that are done by these teams of two Associates, because the group tends to always be smarter than the individual. By collaborating, sharing ideas and problem solving together, clients end up with the high-level of accounting much sooner.

Accounting Outsourcing | Advantages Of A Two Person Accounting Team

One of the problems that entrepreneurs often find when they are hiring and accounting outsourcing company for their new business, the services they would like to have in their accountant, is very difficult to afford. One of the reasons why small businesses are less able to succeed, is because the are not able to afford the same type of services that large businesses can afford, which contributes to their success. However, entrepreneurs who hireís Burrell and Associates in their business, find that this accounting firm is much different than most. They are aimed to be and accounting firm that give a high level of service to small businesses at price points that they can afford.

One of the ways thatís Burrell and Associates can give an extremely high level of service at a price that small entrepreneurs are able to afford, is by hiring accountants who have not yet achieved their official designation, to work in teams of two on clients files. What they find, is that they can work more efficiently on this accounting outsourcing for their clients. by collaborating, these Associates are able to get work done faster than if they were a team of one, which helps keep the prices low. But also, by hiring less expensive staff to do the time intensive work, they pass the savings on to the entrepreneurs. The still have as chartered professional accountants review the work that these Associates do, so that business owners can be certain that there still getting a very high quality of work, but at a price that is more affordable.

Spurrell and Associates have also set up all of the workstations in their office to allow for collaborative work of this accounting outsourcing. Every team has a workstation that they can easily sit three, and each seat has a set of three monitors mounted vertically in front of the desk. Each Associates sits on the left and right hand side of the workstation, and they can both easily see what the other is working on. This is how they can easily collaborate and problem solve. The middle desk is designed for the chartered professional accountants or manager of the firm to sit and review work, and help problem solve.

They also allow these Associates to sit in on client meetings, which is not usual for most accounting firms. However,ís Burrell and Associates believes that this allows Associates to start learning early on not only what is important in the meeting, but also what is important to the client, so that they can start creating solutions that is going to make the client happy.

Any entrepreneur who is looking to find more information about howís Burrell and Associates can help them in their business, can call for consultation. The first consultation is always free, and can be arranged simply by calling the office at 780-665-4949.