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4 Hour Work Week Vs 80 Hour Work Week | Edmonton Business Coach

Hi and welcome to another edition of ask spurl CPA today. And we’re talking about the four hour work week versus the 80 hour work week here with Cole Cole. Have you seen him? A lot of our successful entrepreneurs working four hours a week. So, um, the quote that we have, the Gary Keller quote authored the one thing time on a task over time and eventually beats talent every time. Uh, the statistic, you know, Industry Canada, 50% of all businesses will fail within five years. That’s just the, the, the statistic. Um, and you know, the story we have as business owners, they start a business or they’re working in a business and they have unrealistic expectations about how much work it actually takes to create a sustainable business. Edmonton Business Coach can help you understand the 80 hour work week. Um, you know, they probably picked up a copy of that four hour work week and that might might made it give them a false hope of what it’s actually going to be like.

Um, yeah, but they, they sometimes they truly don’t understand. And what is likely going to take? So quick cold, what are the questions you think these business owners need to ask? What did you think about the batching and MVP principles and the four hour? So there’s some great principles in that book. So you know, and talk about batching tasks. It’s, that’s amazing. We’re batching tasks x colon, I batching tasks here today. This is video number five that we shot. We’re not shooting one video every day. We’re backing him up cause it’s quicker to do. Um, so batching tasks, 100% is a useful topic and it is covered it really well. And then also the, you know, MVP, your minimal viable product home. My goodness. Have I seen how many business owners they want to hit the sun and the moon and the stars the first time just to get to the first point where you can start selling something because that’s going to give you a whole pile of information that you can’t get before you start selling something.

So great principles in that book for sure. But I’m not, but four hours. I don’t know. Why. Do you think that the average business owner needs more time than Tim Ferriss? I think it has a lot to do with the same reason why, you know, me or coal need more time to skate around an ice rink thing. Connor mcdavid. That’s quite frankly what I what I think. So, um, I, I don’t doubt that someone could, you know, the best in the world, the 1% of the 1% could, you know, probably make four hours a week work, you know, but I’m interested in how do I help 80% of all business owners succeed? You know, not, you know, systems or expectations that the 1% of business owners can actually hit of the park. You know, how do we make operating a business that it’s not 50% or more fail that it’s 80 or 90% are succeeding at that and you’ll time on a task over time, eventually these talent every time.

Um, so I, I would, I would really draw on that and it was a great examples of really successful entrepreneurs who work a lot of hours. Do people often quit jobs to start businesses to improve their work life balance? Yeah. The act can be, you know, probably a mistake, right? You know, they, they think and I’m working in this job and you know, I, uh, I got to come in here every day at 8:00 AM and you know, I’m working, I had to work overtime, worked 50 hours last week. If I go out on my own, I’m going to be able to work less. Edmonton Business Coach keeps you proactive. Um, and, and that’s, you know, probably a, a mistake that a lot of business owners are leaving businesses or leaving a job, you know, for that sole purpose

should decreasing your hours, be a long term or short term girl. So it should be, I mean, the time freedom that you can have by having your own business is a 100% there and it should be a goal and they’ll, that should be one of the reasons why you, you start the business, but it should be a longterm goal. You know, you should be leaving that 40 or 50 hour week job thinking next week when I leave, it’s now 80 hours a week and it’s going to be 80 hours a week for years. And then at some point I’m going to do much better than 40 hours a week, or I’m going to have a better time for you to have more flexibility with my schedule that I never had in my employment position. But that is a longterm goal, not a short term goal. If you’re starting a business, you need to expect that it’s going to get worse before it’s going to get better. Uh, and I don’t mean Morse for a couple of weeks, I mean worse for a couple of years. Um, that time on a task over time. It’s a long time coming. Um, so it, you know, that time freedom should be a goal, but it shouldn’t be a longterm goal.

Why is it easier to build a business around your passion? So it’s easier to build a business around your passion. You know, that old saying, if you do something you love, you feel like he never worked a day in your life. I’m so it, if you’re passionate about the subject, these long hours are easier. You know, if you’re just doing something because we want to make a buck at it. Um, you know, get a job because it’s going to be easier. You’re going to work less time. You’re not going to have to, you know, output that big amount of time. Most people don’t have the discipline to spend those required hours in that required effort to get the business moving on. Something that they don’t actually enjoy. Can it be done? Yeah. It can be done. Normally. It’s that little sort of things start to get done by serial entrepreneurs, uh, you know, their second or third business, you know, they just know exactly what needs to get done.

They had to develop that discipline already. So whether they, they are, you know, love what they’re doing or not sent to become less relevant because they start just knowing how to do it. So, um, but I, you know, I would build your first business around, you know, something that you’re passionate about because it’s going to make those long hours much easier. How can taking pride in small accomplishments health as long weeks. So we, we generally, you know, develop the motivation from progress, right? And people, you know, they are happiness directly relates on how we’re progressing. So you have to stop looking at, you know, I want the Lamborghini to, you know, I want to make this week’s, uh, sales calls. I want to do this week followup calls. I need to do my accounting at this time. Get a look around the corner with Edmonton Business Coach programs. Um, you know, I need to write one more checklist a on how to open up the visit.

You need to start taking pride in those accomplishments because the big fancy goals are years away. But those small accomplishments, they’re in every single day. We just need to find the ones that are around every day. We take pride in hitting those and doing those tasks well that’s going to keep us, you know, on the track when, you know, the hours are long and the big goals are far away. Should you consider cutting things out of your life to focus only on important things? Yeah. So if you’re going to have, um, you no longer work hours and you’re going to look at other things in your personal life and you start to, you know, you don’t want to, you know, not spend time with your family, you know, but you know, do you need to go with, uh, two friends who you knew eight years ago in high school to a, uh, a party that you don’t even like half the people there anymore just to make an appearance?

I’m not sure if that’s, that’s possible, right? So we’ve got to start making choices about what’s actually important, you know, discriminating them. So, you know, we can still do the things that are really important in our personal life and still have that time blocked off to, you know, to get this monumental task and getting a business moving. Why is, isn’t employee often more important than working less hours? So, you know, some people think that, hey, I’m just going to, I’m going to get off work at at three o’clock and I’m going to have a better work life balance because of that. A lot of people get off work at three o’clock and they go home and they sit on the couch and they’re texting on their phone or looking stuff up. And I was like, people were like, I don’t want to work 80 hours because I want to spend more time with my family.

What time did you actually spend with them? Did you just sit on the couch and texts all day? It didn’t matter. And play video games. It didn’t matter if you got off at three or you got off at at seven or you know, we’ve worked all day. They didn’t speak to you if any meaningful conversation or do anything interesting with you. Anyways, so often, you know, unplugging is the way. So even if you’re working these huge long hours, and I’m making fun of the people playing Netflix in video games, but sometimes I’m plugging it has about the business items too. So we’re talking about, you know, not letting those business items go into your, your personal life. Sometimes it’s, it’s, it’s just completely unplugging and being present in the moment is often more important than how many moments that you’re, you’re spending. You can have, you know, a hours if not really present and there, I don’t know how meaningful it is, but if you’re truly present in the moment, you can get a lot done.

You get a lot of, uh, uh, benefit from that and your family gets a lot of benefit from that too. When you’re in those moments where you’re, you’re truly present in them, how can it rigid work schedule, I hope you personal life. So you know, the, the ridges were scheduled. We’ve gone on and on a boat. You know, why that’s important in your and your business career. It keeps you focused and you know, it has the team buy in and you know, the, uh, you can, um, you know, replicate your tasks with other individuals and keep everyone, you know, moving in the same direction. You don’t know what you don’t know which is why the Edmonton Business Coach program can help you. But think about this on your personal life and let’s say you’re, you’re going to work these 80 hours a week. Well now your family is going to realize that the time that they’re going to spend with you, it can be limited, but if they can plan around it, it can be beneficial.

You know, so so you don’t get off work till seven. But if they know for sure you were going to be there at home at seven 30 now all of the activities are planned around that and you can actually be present in those activities and schedules, activities around it. But the minute you get into, you know whether you’re working 50 hours a week or 80 hours a week, but all of a sudden that schedule starts to fluctuate and you come home later than what you intended to or you do something after hours and it’s going to happen once in a while. But if you can limit and you know the number of times that that happens, now all of a sudden you’re not missing out on the things that you want you to take part in it that are actually getting scheduled into your life.

And you know, that goes with your, your personal life too. That even if you have limited time, if you can schedule those things that are really important in your personal life, you’re just not going to miss out on them. You can still participate in them. But if that schedule is always changing and you’re always, you know, shuffling those things around, you’re going to miss out on those things. Our disciplined, repeatable schedules and processes. The key to time freedom. Yeah. Really those schedules. A lot of business owners, they a back on a rigid schedules because they think, you know, I’m starting a business so I can do whatever I want whenever I want. Like that’s actually the enemy. So usually when you just want to start a business, you need to be more disciplined and more rigid mentioned with your schedule than you ever have been before.

Because once you get that schedule down pact of what you need to do at what time now you can actually ask, you can hire someone else on and you can task them with doing it because you know how long it should take. Find a great Edmonton Business Coach to help your business. Um, and once you, you have that schedule, that process going, you know, that, hey, look, this is what I need to do. If I do this at this time and that at that time and this at the next time, at this time, at the end of the day, I can actually go home and I’m done. I don’t have to worry about any of this thing anymore because if it was important, it’s in my schedule to do it at some other time. Uh, so that disciplined, repeatable schedule is the key to a eventually delegating stuff and be you. Making sure that you know, you can do what needs to get done.

And once that’s done, you know, you can move on to the things that are important to you in your personal life. So that’s really the key, I believe, to the freedom is that, that discipline. So, um, you know, I think that’s what we have here for today. Thanks so much for watching. Again, as always, you know, please hit that like and subscribe button so we can continue to deliver you tips on how to beat the odds of business. And if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. We’ll do our best to address them and possibly a future video. Thanks very much.